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paintball bruises and injuries is paintball dangerous

Paintball Bruises and Injuries 😢 – Is Paintball Dangerous?

Paintball has gained enormous popularity over the decades. You notice a large number of folks engrossed in this fun activity. Despite being one of the most highly demanded and admired sports, the critics of this game have a different point of view. They claim that Paintball has a peculiarly higher risk of some serious injuries. … Read more

Speedball Woodsball Scenario

Paintball Games-Woodsball vs Speedball vs Scenario Paintball

Since its inception, Paintball is on popularity gaining spree over past years. With ever-growing popularity, there’s no surprise that the game has adapted to various versions. The most popular versions are Woodsball, Speedball, and Scenario Paintball. These three versions of Paintball share a lot of similarities. However, there are a couple of variations in rules … Read more

Types of paintball guns

Types of Paintball Guns – How to choose the best for yourself?

I know that it is nearly impossible for anybody to think that Paintball guns come in a single type. Then, why am I writing this blog? Many people know that there are different types of Paintball guns available in the market but they lack detailed knowledge about these markers. Normally, paintball players categorize paintball guns … Read more

Anodizing Paintball Gun

Paintball Gun Anodizing-How to anodize a Paintball Gun?

Anodizing your paintball markers is the best way to customize them. Although the process is not necessarily pocket-friendly, if you are a passionate Paintball Player like ourselves, we would recommend you to go for it! Anodizing, in Layman’s terms, is a process that converts metals, such as Aluminium into a decorative and durable anodic oxide … Read more

What to wear for Paintball

What to Wear for Paintball? Paintball Clothing

Paintball is one of those sports which demand a lot of things from their players. Professionalism, athletic performance, stamina, etc. are requirements of any sport. But, if we talk about paintball specifically then it not only requires all these things. Mainly, Paintball demands its players to look cool while ensuring safety. If you are new … Read more

How to make a paintball gun more accurate?

How to make a paintball gun more accurate? Paintball Gun Accuracy

How frustrating and infuriating it is when you’re unable to shoot a straight shot at your enemy, or it takes a good amount of paintballs when you finally get one straight at the game. Paintball is an amazingly fun activity to engage in. But what makes it more fun is when you can shoot straight … Read more

paintball players

How to clean a Paintball Gun?

Visualize yourself standing at the paintball arena, all ready to whack your opponent but whoosh, you find your gun jammed. Imagine that since the beginning of today’s game, your gun is giving you problems while playing. Neither it is functioning the way you want it nor it is responsive. Therefore, to avoid this situation, you … Read more


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