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Wearing a sleeved jacket will never be enough to protect your elbows from injuries, you always need to put on the elbow pads to ensure their safety. It’s not just the paintballs coming from your opponents that may hurt your elbows but there are a lot of situations you would be exposed to, which may harm your elbows. Hence, you must have the best paintball elbow pads on, before entering the paintball field.

Paintball Pads ensure your safety so always get the Best Paintball Elbow and Arm pads to protect and guard your elbows and arms.

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Best Paintball Elbow Pads – Our Top 11

For making it easy for you to select the best product, I have carried out detailed research and enlisted the following best paintball elbow pads for you. All of these have amazing properties and can prove to be your best companion while playing.

Image Product Details   Price
hk army hstl line elbow pads HK Army HSTL Line Brand: HK Army
High Impact Padding
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g form pro rugged elbow pad 1 pair G-Form Pro Rugged Brand: G-Form
Highly Durable
Breathable mesh at the back
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dye paintball perfomance elbow pad Dye Performance Brand: Dye Paintball
Custom Gel inside
Slider Gloves
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free flex elbow pad Free Flex Elbow Pads Brand: Exalt
Tripple Padded
Anti-Slip Cuff
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exalt paintball t3 elbow pads Exalt T3 Elbow Pads Brand: Exalt
Tripple Padded
Form Fitting Outline
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HK Army Crash kneepads HK Army Crash Brand: HK Army
Dual Layered
Velcro Straps
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body prox elbow pad Body Prox Elbow Pads Brand: Exalt
Pull-On Closure
Foam Padding
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bunker kings v2 royal guard elbow pads3 Bunker Kings V2 Royal Brand: Bunker kings
Side Padding
Adjustable Straps
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Hopeforth Elbow pads Hopeforth Padded Brand: Hopeforth
Silicon Anti-slip Strips
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planet eclipse overload hd core elbow pads Planet Eclipse Overload Brand: Planet Eclipse
EVA Padding
Breathable mesh
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exalt alpha elbow pad Exalt Alpha Brand: Exalt
High-Density Foam Padded
Anti-Slip Silicon weave
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Best Paintball Arm Pads – Reviews

1. HK Army HSTL Line – Best Paintball Elbow Pads

  • Very durable
  • Lightweight
  • Highly breathable
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Size may not suit all

HK Army’s HSTL Line Elbow Pads are the first product on the list and are placed on the top for a reason. They are the best performing elbow pads you can have at this price.

While having the HSTL Line elbow pads on my elbows, not even the hardest of blows could bother me as these pads provided me the best possible protection with the rough contours and spots on my arm. Furthermore, the neoprene arm support extends the safety they provide. But despite having intense padding for enhanced protection, I was not concerned about their weight.

These elbow pads are made of the best material which not only makes them durable and lightweight but ensures amazing ventilation. I wore them for a day-long game and yet my arms stayed dry as they allowed a lot of air to come in.

These HSTL elbow pads come in three different sizes among which you can choose one which perfectly suits you. However, they also contain adjustable Velcro straps for you to adjust according to your arm size. Moreover, these elbow pads have 4-way stretchable sleeves which make them super comfortable for you.

HK Army HSTL Line Elbow Pads

hk army hstl line elbow pads

  • Brand: HK Army
  • Comes in 3 different sizes
  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • 4-way stretchable sleeves
  • Neoprene arm support
  • Dual-layered
  • High-impact padding
  • Rough contours

To sum up, the HSTL Line elbow pads are the best choice to make if you are a beginner or a recreational player. On a reasonable budget, they provide you with the best possible protection while keeping you remain as comfortable as possible.

2. G-Form Pro-Rugged Elbow PadArm Guard

  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Adjustable fit
  • Provide enhanced protection
  • Weak stitching

If you are in the search of a pair of elbow pads that guarantee provide extreme protection level and stay with you for years, then surely G-Form’s Pro-Rugged Elbow Pads are what you need.

Pro-Rugged Elbow Pads ensure Ultimate protection of your arms with the presence of Smart Flex pads in them which resist by hardening whenever an impulse is induced to it. Furthermore, Armortex technology makes these elbow pads able to absorb any hit and protect your arms.

I have felt the most comfortable in these elbow pads as they were super flexible. The adjustable fit strap enabled me to perfectly fit these elbow pads onto my arms. Moreover, they had silicon gripper pads on the top and bottom sides of the sleeves which kept these pads in place. And I found this incredible how they never slipped even when I had to crawl with them.

The feature which I found the most impressive about these elbow pads is their breathability. I kept them on for long hours but didn’t feel any discomfort. With a mesh at the backside of these elbow pads, my arms were exposed for ventilation all the time. This kept my arms dry and comfy even after long hours of paintballing.

G-Form Pro-Rugged Elbow Pad

g form pro rugged elbow pad 1 pair

  • Brand: G-Form
  • 10 size choices
  • 56 ounces weight
  • Blend Material type
  • 2 colors available
  • Smart Flex pads ensure maximum protection
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Armortex technology makes them highly durable
  • Silicon Gripper pads on top & bottom
  • Breathable mesh at the back

Overall, these elbow pads provide amazing protection along with style and comfort. If you are into intense paintball battles and need enhanced protection, then G-Form Pro Rugged Elbow Pad can be the best option for you.

3. Dye Performance Paintball Elbow Pad

  • Made of lightweight EVA Foam
  • Covers the wrist and hands as well
  • Natural bend at the elbow for enhanced movement
  • Provide superior protection
  • Relatively Costly option

The next elbow pads on the list are DYE’s production. As with other DYE products, this is also a relatively costly option among other paintball elbow pads. But, as always, these are worth the money. It is just incredible how amazingly comfortable these Elbow Pads feel while being strong at the same time.

The Airprene material used in the making of DYE Paintball Performance Elbow Pads makes them so lightweight that you may barely even feel their weight on your arms. Moreover, they contain EVA foam which comes pre-shaped according to the natural curve of the elbow. This extraordinarily enhances arm movement during paintballing.

I have used them during intense paintball games and believe me or not, they never hindered my arm’s movement even the slightest. While the custom gel inserted in these pads resisted all the impacts making me feel very safe and comfortable.

Not only this, but the integrated slider gloves and neoprene compression also protected my wrists and hands which is pretty amazing. Furthermore, even after a day-long game, my arms were cool and dry due to the mesh lining they have which made ventilation possible.

Dye paintball performance elbow pads come in 5 different sizes yet, the trickiest thing to decide before buying them is to pick the right size. For this purpose, there is a size chart you can refer to and my recommendation is that whenever you find yourself in between two sizes, go for one size up. Furthermore, there are adjustable straps you can use to make them fit on your elbows.

Dye Paintball Performance Elbow Pad

dye paintball perfomance elbow pad
  • Brand: DYE
  • 5 Sizes available
  • Mesh lining for ventilation
  • Pre-shaped EVA foam
  • Custom gel inserted
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Slider Gloves
  • Neoprene Compression

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Shortly, Dye Paintball Performance Elbow Pads are very robust, which would give you the ultimate comfort and amazing feel while keeping you safe. If budget is not an issue and your size is available, then there is no reason to not buy these.

4. FreeFlex Elbow Pads- Best Paintball Arm Pads

  • Budget-friendly option
  • Elbow cups for enhanced protection
  • The retention strap is entirely rotatable
  • Perfectly fit on the arms
  • Size may be smaller than usual
  • Doesn’t give much protection while crawling

The elbow pads on our list are one of the most widely used ones by many paintballers. This is because these are very affordable, robust, and give the highest mobility to your arms.

The FreeFlex Elbow Pads come with three-layer padding which ensures the ultimate safety of your elbows and arms. The thermoformed elbow and elbow cups make them withstand any hard conditions. Furthermore, the forearm pad is placed to secure the upper side of your arms.

I have found these elbow pads very reliable as they outperform their price when it comes to protection. They have saved me many times from the harshest blows on the field. However, their padding has proved not to be enough when I was crawling.

Not only strength, but these elbow pads are very comfortable as well. The elbow cups are customized for a perfect fit and the two straps make it very easy to adjust them according to your arm’s shape.

The retention strap is entirely removable and rotatable which liberates you from the worries of falling it during the game. on the other hand, the forearm strap allows you to tighten the pads according to your needs. Moreover, there is a silicone anti-slip band in the cuff which keeps the pads in place no matter how much you move your arms.

FreeFlex Elbow Pads/Arm Pad

free flex elbow pad

  • Brand: Exalt
  • Come in 4 sizes
  • Black color
  • Triple padded
  • Silicone anti-slip band in cuff
  • Customized elbow cups
  • 2 adjustable straps

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FreeFlex Elbow Pads are very reliable and high-performing elbow pads that provide safety, comfort, and mobility to your arms. If all you want is to secure your arms from the coming paintballs, then select them freely if you can find the perfect size.

5. Exalt Paintball Elbow Pads T3

  • Extremely Breathable
  • Give high protection
  • Anti-slip silicon weave
  • Can be used in any weather
  • Do not have Velcro straps

This is another elbow pad manufactured by Exalt. The T3 Paintball Elbow pads have numerous amazing features which make them the best choice for many. May it be safety, comfort, or breathability, these pads outperform in all areas.

The Exalt Paintball T3 Elbow Pads are triply padded that can absorb any impact. Moreover, they contain extra padding at the crucial stress areas which make them withstand any harshest conditions.

Despite having enormous padding, they have engineered these pads in such a way that they are not bulky at all. Due to the form-fitting outline, these pads are very lightweight and comfortable.

The best feature which made me fall for these elbow pads was the material used in their making which makes them stay breathable by absorbing the moisture. This has kept my arms cool and dry which is hard to believe because the weather was hot, and I was playing for straight 4 hours.

Furthermore, there is a silicone weave at the bicep and thumb cuff areas which makes them stay in place while paintballing. Some people may have issues with adjustability because there are no Velcro straps for adjustment.

Exalt Paintball T3 Elbow Pads 

exalt paintball t3 elbow pads

  • Brand: Exalt
  • 2-Large sizes available
  • Comes in Black/Grey color
  • Silicone weave to avoid slipping
  • Triple-padded
  • Extra padding at critical areas
  • Form-fitting outline

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Overall, these elbow pads give intense protection with immense padding. If adjustability is not an issue, then you may get these.

6. HK Army Crash- Paintball Arm Pads

  • Extremely comfy
  • Intensely padded
  • Very robust
  • Stylish design
  • Contoured
  • Extra padding may hinder arm’s movement

If you are in search of a pair of paintball elbow pads that give you the highest comfort, then look no further. These HK Army’s Crash Arm Pads are the most comfortable elbow pads on this list.

The Crash Arm Pads have a contour for increased mobility and are dual layered for enhanced strength. The material used in the making of these arm pads is thermoformed making these pads very lightweight and breathable. Additionally, the four-way flexible sleeves enhance the mobility of your arms while playing.

Not only comfort, but these arm pads are also very robust when it comes to protection from the outside. I have literally dropped on my arms during an intense paintball battle and could have broken one of my arms but thanks to the intense padding of HK Army’s Crash Arm Pads which saved me.

There are also Velcro straps included in the design to help you adjust these pads onto your arms perfectly. Moreover, their design has been engineered keeping in mind the hot weather conditions and longer playing hours. Therefore, they let your skin have air and be dry even in hot weather.

HK Army Crash Arm Pads

hk army crash arm pads

  • Brand: HK Army
  • Comes in 2 different colors
  • 3 sizes available
  • Contoured
  • Dual-layered
  • Thermoformed material
  • Four-way flex sleeves
  • Velcro straps

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As far as comfort is concerned, there is no better option than this one. From the inside, these HK Army Crash Arm Pads are as comfy as possible and from the outside, it’s very hard for any impact to make its way to your arm. If their intense padding does not bother you, then close your eyes and select these arm pads.

7. Bodyprox Protection PadsElbow / Arm Guard Sleeve

  • Washable in machine
  • Provide enhanced protection
  • Gives maximum mobility to the arms
  • Breathable
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Prone to sliding up

If you want to have arm pads but do not want any hindrance in the movement of your arms, then this pair of elbow pads may satisfy your needs. The Bodyprox Elbow Protection Pads are designed to keep in view your convenience and mobility.

These elbow pads have a foam grid placed under the elbows which not only protect them from external hits but also enable you to have maximum movement. Moreover, the foam padding covers the rest of the arm and does the same job.

These Bodyprox Elbow Protection Pads have been one of my best companions in the paintball arena as they are made up of breathable compression fabric which helped me have dry and cool arms even after playing for the whole day. The foam padding is so strategically placed that I enjoyed ideal comfort and mobility. Additionally, I have these pads in the machine and they withstood it that too without getting de-shaped.

These elbow guard sleeves are unisex, which means both men and women can use them. And are perfect for all ages. The key is to just select the right size for yourself.

Bodyprox Elbow Protection Pads

body prox elbow pad

  • Brand: Bodyprox
  • Comes in 3 sizes
  • Black color
  • 5 ounces weight
  • Pull-on closure type
  • Made of foam material
  • Unisex elbow pads
  • Foam padding
  • Breathable compression fabric

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Overall, I have found these arm pads are a very good choice to make, however, some people say that the padding may not be enough to withstand harsh conditions. So, if you are not into intense paintballing then these may be enough to protect you with comfort.

8. Bunker Kings V2 Royal Guard Elbow Pads

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Ensure the highest mobility of arms
  • Give ultimate security
  • Skin-soft elastic bands make them flexible
  • They never slide or slip
  • Straps quality may be improved

The next elbow pads on the list are Bunker Kings V2 Royal Guard Elbow Pads which are designed keeping in view the protection needed in harsh paintball battles.

These arm pads come double layered with the high-density BK Foam making sure that your arms and elbows are safe in any severe conditions. Moreover, the Duraflex covering make them even tougher for the outer environment.

My absolute favorite feature of these elbow pads is their flexibility and the second-skin fit feature. It’s just “put them on and forget about them”. These arm pads remain in their place, doing their job without bothering you. they never slip and they never forget ventilation. Moreover, they also protected my hands and wrist which was a plus.

These Bunker Kings V2 Royal Guard Elbow Pads provide optimum protection without hindering arms’ movement. The side padding and multi-flex neoprene enhance the security level for your arms. Additionally, they have straps to ensure their perfect adjustment onto your elbows.

Bunker Kings V2 Royal Guard Elbow Pads

bunker kings v2 royal guard elbow pads3

  • Brand: Bunker Kings
  • Offer 4-sizes
  • Black color
  • Made of high-density BK Foam
  • Second-skin fit feature
  • Duraflex covering
  • Side padding
  • Multi-flex neoprene
  • Adjustable straps

Check Customers Reviews

Overall, these elbow pads can prove to be the best choice for any level paintball player. From beginners to professionals, they can satisfy everyone’s needs.

9. HOPEFORTH Padded – Elbow Protection

  • Breathable
  • Elastic compression
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Shield against harmful environmental conditions
  • Unique material composition
  • Size may be smaller than standard

If you want superior protection with comfort and style, then HOPEFORTH got you covered. These elbow pads have incorporated Pad fixed separation technology in them which makes them the most unique among all.

These elbow pads have a unique composition. They are made up of 85% polyester and 15% spandex fabric. This fabric makes these arm pads super breathable and moisture-wicking which means they can absorb the sweat while keeping your arms dry and cool. These arm pads also protect your arms from UV rays and other harmful environmental conditions which is a plus.

The HOPEFORTH Padded Elbow Forearm Sleeves contain EVA pads that are padded on the elbow and forearm making it very difficult for your arms to feel any external hit. These paddings are done so intelligently on such areas which have the most chances of getting hurt.

Along with great protection, these elbow pads have silicone strips that keep them in place while playing on the field. I have even crawled in these arm pads, but they never left their place. Moreover, they can be used in any weather conditions by any player may it be male, female, or even child. Just critically check the size chart and go for the right size.

HOPEFORTH Padded Elbow Pads

Hopeforth padded Elbow pads

  • Brand: HOPEFORTH
  • 5-sizes available
  • Offer 5 different colors
  • Made of polyester/Spandex
  • Pad fixed separation technology
  • Unisex-child elbow pads
  • EVA pads
  • Silicone strips for anti-slipping

Check Customers Reviews

Overall, the HOPEFORTH padded Elbow Forearm Sleeves provide amazing protection with style and comfort. No matter what type of player you are, if you can find your size, you may go for these arm sleeves.

10. Planet Eclipse Overload HD Core Elbow Pads

  • Ultra-durable
  • Very Robust
  • Comfortable
  • Stay in place
  • Support ventilation
  • Size may be on the smaller side

These elbow pads are one of the most chosen by a lot of paintballers and that is because of obvious reasons. The HD Core in its name stands for “High-density” core foam which is the specialty of these arm pads.

The HD Core present in these elbow pads makes them one of the most robust pads out there. The EVA padding makes it very difficult for your arms to feel any external hit. Moreover, the neoprene lining further enhances the protection level.

I have had a very comfortable experience with these arm pads on. As they have a breathable mesh which makes ventilation very easy. I could feel a lot of air coming into my arms which helped them stay dry which ultimately made me feel comfortable even after a day-long game.

The proper fitting of these arm pads is incredible. You just need to put your thumbs into the loop and the pads would stay on your arm for long hours without sliding. This would also keep them in place and stop them from sliding.

However, you should critically look for the size you are buying. My suggestion here would be to go for one size up to bypass any trouble with the sizing. 

Planet Eclipse Overload HD Core Elbow Pads

planest eclipse overload hd core elbow pads

  • Brand: Planet Eclipse
  • Offers 2 sizes
  • Different color options
  • High-density core foam
  • EVA padding
  • Breathable mesh

Check Customers Reviews

Overall, they are reliable and high-performing arm pads. You just need to critically analyze and select the right-sized arm pad for yourself.

11. Exalt Alpha Elbow Pad

  • Moisture-wicking material
  • Flexible
  • Pads do not slip
  • Economical
  • Do not hinder the movement of arms
  • Not a very high-end product

The last on our list of best paintball elbow pads is Exalt Alpha Elbow Pad but being in the last doesn’t mean it’s not worth buying. If you are searching for robust, lightweight, and comfortable arm pads at a reasonable price then this one may what you need.

The Exalt Alpha Elbow Pads are made up of such a material that is capable of absorbing moisture. This means these arm pads would wick your sweat and keep your arms cool and dry no matter what the weather is or how long do you play. Moreover, the high-density foam padding would save you from any external blows.

I have found these arm pads super comfortable as they did never hinder my arm’s movement. They contain strategic relief cuts enabling the pads to move along with the arm while keeping in place. Additionally, there was a rubberized anti-slip silicon weave at the bicep and cuff position which kept the arm pads in place which was incredible.

Exalt Alpha Elbow Pad

exalt alpha elbow pad

  • Brand: Exalt Paintball
  • Offer 3 different sizes
  • High-density foam pad
  • Strategic relief cuts
  • Rubberized anti-slip silicon weave

Check Customers Reviews

To sum up, these arm pads are a great option at a reasonable price, to go for if you are a beginner or the one who plays off and on. However, if you are a professional then you may go for more robust options. Do critically check the size before ordering this product.

Best Elbow Pads – Buying Guide

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional paintball player or a beginner, ensuring your safety must be your first preference. You would never want to leave any game in the middle because of an injury. Hence, you need to make sure that every part of your body is protected before entering the paintball arena. Among all the safety gears we know, elbow pads are equally important.

By now, you would have had a good idea about how important it is to have the best paintball elbow pads on, before entering the field. But there are unlimited options out there to select from. Even it may be difficult for you to select one from the 11 elbow pads I have reviewed above which is fine.

I want you to have a very clear picture in your mind about the specifications. On what features can you compromise and what features do you want in your elbow pads at any cost. After that, you would be able to select the right product.

For this purpose, you need to go through the following buying guide which will tell you everything you need to know before making the final decision.

So, let’s start:

What should you look for in the paintball elbow pads

1. Protection & Flexibility

The main aim of wearing arm pads is to make sure that your arms and elbows are safe while playing paintball. Hence, the most important thing to look for in any paintball elbow pads is the level of protection they offer which directly relates to the amount and placement of padding on them.

Now, padding and flexibility are relative to each other. If one changes the second one changes automatically. Generally, more padding means enhanced protection however, this may affect the movement of your arm. Contrarily, more flexible pads generally have less padding.

However, this is not always true. You don’t always need to have intense padding to ensure protection. And the placement of padding is also very critical in this regard.

Now, you better know what you want but, I would suggest you go for the elbow pads which have balanced these two factors.

2. Comfort

Your level of comfort while paintballing is what can make or break the game. The more comfortable you would be in the arena, the better you would perform. Hence, looking for the level of comfort any arm pads provide is critically important.

Always select elbow pads that are highly breathable and weather resistant. Flexible, mesh-lining, and moisture absorbent material are some of the features which would help make you feel comfortable while playing.

3. Durability & Budget  

Durability is another crucial property you would need in your arm pads. Now, this is relative to the affordability factor. No matter if budget is a matter of concern for you or not, you would never want to spend money on such a product that would tear apart too soon.

Critically analyze and select such an elbow pad that can withstand any harsh conditions may it be weather or gaming conditions. Generally, thermoformed, neoprene or synthetic materials are seen to be robust. Strengthened seams and high-quality materials used in the making of these pads are what makes them durable.

4. Style & Color

Style and color may not be important for many of the players but for many, it is important. Your style can prove to be a very critical feature while you are in the paintball arena. You should always go for neutral colors like black or camouflage pattern. This would reasonably decrease your visibility while playing.

Never select arm pads which have shiny surfaces or apparent colors. This would make your opponent’s job easier and then you would be in trouble.

5. Length Size

Arm pads come in different lengths. If you only want to cover your elbows and not the whole arm, then go for such elbow pads. However, I would suggest you select one with full arm coverage. It is because you would have to crawl, hide, and fall on your arms while paintballing and without any arm protection, it would be dangerous for you.

6. Placement with armor

This is entirely up to you to place your arm pads under or over your armor. You better know what is best for you. however, do consider this before making any choice.

If you want to wear your elbow pads under the armor, then go for thinner ones that would not hinder your arms’ movement. Otherwise, if you are planning to wear them over your shirt then you may go for heavy and bulky options for enhanced protection.

7. Maintenance

Just like any other paintball gear, elbow pads need maintenance too. You would need to clean them and wash off the incorporated paint to use them again. Most of the elbow pads are washable in washing machines so you need not worry a lot.

However, you must always read the washing instructions on the product before putting them into the machine directly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, elbow pads are very helpful even necessary while paintballing. If you do not want to leave your paintball game in the middle because of an injury, then you must wear arm/elbow pads. These will protect your arms from getting cuts, bruises, and injuries while you slide, crawl, or just get hit by the opponent.

Your elbow pads should be adjusted onto your arms in such a way that they stick to your skin. However, you should keep yourself comfortable and should never compromise your arm’s mobility.

Well, it depends. Mostly, elbow pads are washable in washing machines however you must always check the instructions before taking any action. The best way is to just remove the incorporated paint with a wet cloth, however, sometimes washing is necessary. For that, refer to the instructions that came with your pads.


I am confident that after reading this article you can make the right choice and select the best paintball elbow pads for yourself. Always analytically check all the specifications we discussed in the buying guide of any pad before buying it.

Make sure that the elbow pads you are paying for, not only protect you but also enhance your performance on the field.

Have fun!

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