Best Paintball Knee Pads 2023- Tactical Knee Pads for Paintballing

If you have ever entered any paintball arena then you would have a good idea about how much your body is at stake to get bruises and wounds. Especially, when you crawl on the ground while holding the gun or dive into the woods after a dash, it is your knees that have the maximum chance of getting injuries. And so, having the best paintball knee pads is critically important.

For the safety of your legs and knees, choose the best paintball kneepads. These paintball knee pads can be Tactical or a regular pair as per your game.

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Best Paintball Knee Pads – Top 10

Every paintballer who enters the field with the winning mindset needs to have all the necessary gear to ensure his safety. If you are in search of the best paintball knee pad, then you need not search any further.

We have listed down the reviews of the 10 Best Paintball Knee Pads to make your decision easier. All of these are the best performing gears and among them, you’ll surely get one for yourself.

Image Product Details   Price
G Form Pro X 2 Knee Pad G-Form Pro X2 Knee Pad Brand: G-Form
Pull-on closure
Silicon material
Check Price
Exalt FreeFlex Knee pads Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Knee Pads Brand: Exalt
Hook and Loop closure
Made of memory foam material
Check Price
HK Army Crash kneepads HK Army Crash Knee Pads Brand: HK Army
Hook and Loop closure
Neoprene and spandex material
Check Price
Dye Precision Performance Knee pad Dye Precision Performance Knee Pads Brand: Dye
Pull-On Closure
High-density EVA foam pads
Check Price
Bodyprox Kneepad Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads Brand: Bodyprox
Pull-On closure
Made of polyester
Check Price
Diamond talk Knee pad Diamond Talk Military Tactical Knee Pad Brand: KUYOU
Hook and Loop closure
Made of Nylon
Check Price
Dark Earth Knee pads Combat ARC Style Knee Pads Brand: Paintball Equipment
Buckle closure type
Made of rubber
Check Price
Alta Tactical Superflex Kneepads Alta Tactical Superflex Knee Pads Brand: AltaFLEX
Adjustable Velcro straps
Made of Nylon material
Check Price
Bunkerkings V2 Royal Guard Kneepad Bunker Kings V2 Royal Guard Knee Pads Brand: Bunker-Kings
Buckle System
Foam, Synthetic rubber
Check Price
AWP Tactical Knee pads AWP Tactical Hard Cap Knee Pads Brand: AWP
Tri-buckle system
Foam, Air mesh interior
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Paintball Knee Pads – Reviews

1. G-Form Pro X2 Knee Pad – Best Paintball Knee Pads

G Form Pro X 2 Knee Pad


  • Brand: G-Form
  • 7 sizes available
  • Silicon material
  • Has reactive protection technology
  • Pull-on closure
  • Silicon grippers
  • UPF 50+ compression fabric
  • Front pad holes

Our first pair of pads is from G-Form which contains reactive protection technology (RPT). This technology has made the pads absorb almost 90 percent of the momentum.

These paintball knee pads are such an amazing pair of knee pads that are super flexible and comfortable while you’re running or playing on the field. Moreover, as soon as they get a hit, they harden to protect your knees from any harm.

G-Form Pro x 2 paintball Knee pad

Additionally, I have found these knee pads super comfortable as they come with UPF 50+ compression fabric. This keeps my knees dried up which ultimately helps me be comfortable while playing.

Moreover, the 2-panel design for skin fit and ventilation holes on the front ensure maximum air circulation while paintballing.

Not only this, but G-Form Pro X2 Knee Pads are also very lightweight, protective, and flexible. G-Form’s smart flex technology makes these pads super flexible and provides unconstrained mobility.

With being incredibly lightweight, these pads never bothered me on the field rather perfectly fit on my knees like a second skin. Moreover, these pads are waterproof and are washable.

These pads perfectly fit on my knees and the compression sleeve with silicone grippers keeps them in place while running or moving in the arena. With the 7 different available sizes, you will find one which perfectly fits your knee size.

  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Flexible
  • Protective
  • Need quality improvement

G-Form Pro X2 Knee Pads come with amazing features at a reasonable price. So, if you are looking for knee pads that would just stick to your knee, and provide necessary protection without bothering you while playing, then these can be a great choice.

2. Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Knee Pads for Paintball

Exalt FreeFlex paintball Knee pad


  • Brand: Exalt
  • Provide 4 sizes
  • Hook and Loop closure type
  • Made of memory foam material
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Adaptable Velcro straps
  • Absorptive molded pad

If you’re a paintballer who usually finds yourself sliding, crawling, and getting injuries on the knees, then all you need is these Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Knee Pads. With these pads on, you would never have to worry about the safety of your knees as FreeFlex knee pads would save them from any kind of harm.

Moreover, these FreeFlex Knee Pads by Exalt have provided my knees with the highest level of protection on the field as they can absorb even the hardest of collisions due to their molded padding. With the knee cups having integrated foam, these pads perfectly fit on my knees and gave me extra comfort. Moreover, the retention straps helped to keep the pads in place while I was in the field.

The Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Knee Pads do come with the Velcro straps which are placed strategically which helped me fasten them according to my convenience. The straps also help to keep the knee pads in place while paintballing. Moreover, I have found extra padding at the back which ensured that the back of my knee area is well protected.

Some people may find these knee pads a bit costly, but they provide fool-proof safety to your knees. Therefore, I would recommend that go for these knee pads if you love your knees.

  • Lightweight & Flexible
  • Highly padded for extra protection
  • Style with comfort
  • Memory foam cups on knees
  • Relatively expensive

Overall, this is a very high-performing, lightweight, and flexible pair of knee pads. If budget is not an issue and all you need is an extremely reliable pair of knee pads, then this is all that you need.

3. HK Army Crash Knee Pads – Knee & Shin Pads



  • Brand: HK Army
  • 4 sizes available
  • Hook and Loop closure type
  • Comes in Black color
  • Double layered
  • Velcro straps
  • Neoprene and spandex material

The next pair of knee pads we have on the list is HK Army’s Crash Knee Pads. This is one of the best pairs of paintball knee pads available out there. With reliable and amazing performance, these pads outstand the list.

I have been using these knee pads for years and I assure you they are worth the money. They come with a relatively long length and cover most of the legs, from mid-thighs to the shin. With a slight curve, the pads easily get the shape of your legs. Moreover, they are double layered and ensure extra safety of your knees.

With extra padding for fool-proof protection, these pads were a bit bulky and took some while to break in. However, once you settle down with them, I guarantee you that you’ll find them as comfortable as any other pads out there. Furthermore, the Velcro straps and a lower strap make it easier to adjust them according to your needs.

The material used in the making of HK Army Crash Knee pads is high-quality Neoprene. This makes these pads super comfortable and durable. With its four-way stretchability, I never had to tighten it even once on a day-long game. Moreover, the interior of these pads is very sleek as it is made up of spandex.

Additionally, these HK Army Crash Knee Pads gave me full protection and support while being very breathable and durable at the same time. This is due to the mesh lining they have. Moreover, there’s extra padding on the backside for the safety of your knee’s back.

  • Maximum coverage
  • Extra padding
  • Breathable
  • Highly adjustable
  • Takes some time to break-in

To sum up, HK Army Crash Knee Pads provide amazing safety to your knees with their extra padding and maximum coverage. Despite having relatively larger coverage, they give a very comfy experience. Hence, if budget is not an issue for you and all you need is fool-proof safety then these knee pads are for you. 

4. Dye Precision Performance Paintball Knee Pads

Dye Precision Performance paintball Knee pad


  • Brand: Dye
  • 5 Sizes available
  • Comes in Black color
  • Pull-On Closure type
  • High-density EVA foam pads
  • Open-cell foam construction
  • adjustable Velcro straps
  • adjustable braces length

Our next product in the list of best paintball Knee pads is DYE Precision Performance Paintball Knee Pads. This is one of the priciest options. However, it is best for you if you’re a professional or want to take your game to a professional level.

It is just amazing how these knee pads have the most strength yet are very lightweight. These are a perfect combination of protection, strength, and durability. The quality which makes these knee pads stand out is their high-density EVA Foam pads which are so perfectly placed around the knee providing extra protection and comfort. Moreover, there’s this cup-shaped foam pad to provide extra cushioning for your knee to feel the highest level of comfort.

The best thing I found out about these knee pads and the reason I have added them to the list is the Open-cell foam construction. Due to this, my knees have been saved from the harshest of situations on the field. Furthermore, the adjustable Velcro straps enabled me to adjust these pads according to my leg’s shape and keep them fixed while playing.

Furthermore, the knee braces of these knee pads come with an adjustable length of 11.75-12.75 inches which covers the maximum knee area. In addition to that, the material of these pads is sturdy enough to protect your knees from the cruelest of situations on the field.

  • EVA Foam pad wraps
  • Perfect for intense games
  • Provides the best strength
  • Highly durable
  • Tough yet comfortable
  • Sizes are more on the smaller side
  • Costly option

Overall, these knee pads come with a simple yet effective and highly padded design. These may not be very budget-friendly for many but are surely the most protective among all. If its budget and size suit you, then just close your eyes and select these.

5. Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads – Top Knee Pads

Bodyprox paintball Kneepad


  • Brand: Bodyprox
  • Offer 2-sizes
  • Black color
  • Made of polyester

If you are in search of a pair of paintball knee pads at an affordable price, then look no further. These Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads are specially made for those who want all necessary features in a knee pad but their budget. However, its cost does not affect the quality they provide.

Furthermore, these Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads with their amazing features have outperformed their price on many occasions. The best thing about these pads is that they are made up of Rubber, polyester, and high-density EVA foam which provide perfect comfort and protection to your knees.

The feature that impressed me the most is its flexibility and mobility. Despite having all this padding, Bodyprox has managed to keep these pads as flexible as possible. I wore them on and forgot about them as they made no hindrance in my movement on the field. Furthermore, they are highly breathable and didn’t make me uncomfortable even after long hours of paintballing.

Additionally, these knee pads come with an anti-slip design which liberated me from the worries of adjusting and tugging the straps. Furthermore, this anti-slip design keeps these pads in place while you are busy playing the game. Moreover, these are unisex knee pads which means these are perfect for both male and female players.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Highly comfortable
  • Anti-slip design
  • Extremely breathable
  • Not a high-end product

To sum up, if you need affordable knee pads with reliable performance then these can satisfy your need.

6. Diamond Talk Military Tactical Knee Pad

Diamond talk paintball Knee pads


  • Brand: KUYOU
  • Comes in Black Color
  • Made of Nylon
  • Polymer cups
  • Hook and Loop closure type
  • An additional EVA foam layer
  • Several Velcro straps

When it comes to protection with flexibility and comfort, these Diamond Talk Military Tactical Knee pads outstand others. Additionally, they provide good protection with both comfort and style. Made up of high-density pure Nylon, these pads would give your knees extremely comfortable covering. Not only this, but they also contain Polymer cups to cover your knees.

These polymer cups have saved my knees from different injuries several times. Therefore, I can’t emphasize their effectiveness much. Furthermore, they contain an additional EVA foam layer to absorb all the momentum very efficiently.

Additionally, there are adjustable Velcro straps to make sure that these pads stay on your knees for long hours without creating any discomfort. At an affordable price, I have found these knee pads among the most high-performing ones with incredible features.

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Enhances mobility
  • Very affordable option
  • Might be a bit large for women

Overall, at this price, these pads are the best option. Along with comfort and style, they enhance your knees’ safety and ensure that your knees are well-protected while playing.

7. Combat ARC Style Knee Pads

Combat Arc Dark Earth paintball Knee pads


  • Paintball Equipment
  • Free size
  • Comes in Dark Earth color
  • Made of rubber
  • Buckle closure type

Our next product on the list of best paintball knee pads is Combat ARC Style Knee Pads. With their sleek design and military look, these knee pads are one of the most stylish among all.

These knee pads can prove to be the best option for those who want maximum mobility with reasonable protection. Moreover, these Combat ARC Style Knee Pads have given me amazing protection in the harsh conditions on the battlefield. Furthermore, the soft cushions pads on the inner side helped my knees to stay comfortable for long hours.

The feature that impressed me the most is its flexibility and durability. Furthermore, the 1000-denier CORDURA Construction made these knee pads super durable. Moreover, the Outer side of the pads has a hard shell that helps in protecting your knees from injuries.

In addition to that, there are rubber non-slip caps in these ARC Style Knee Pads which stopped the pads from slipping over while playing. Moreover, the adjustable buckles helped me to adjust these knee pads on my knees.

  • Very aesthetic look
  • Highly durable
  • Perfectly fit on knees
  • Sleek design
  • Very flexible
  • Not for very professional use

With a sleek design and militaristic look, Combat ARC Style Knee Pads provide a reasonable protection level. Therefore, they are worth investing in if you are looking for comfort and protection with style.

8. Alta Tactical Superflex Knee Pads

Alta Tactical Superflex paintball Kneepad


  • Brand: AltaFLEX
  • Comes in one size
  • Has Black color
  • Made of Nylon material
  • Hard exterior and shell
  • Easy off/on design
  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Cordura Nylon Cove
  • ½” Neoprene foam padding

Our next product is the most durable one on this list. Alta Tactical SuperFlex Knee Pads are made keeping in mind the hardest of situations. Additionally, it has a hard exterior which will save you from any serious situation. Moreover, there is a hard shell covering the knees for maximum protection.

The thing that impressed me the most about these knee pads is that I never had to wear them on like other knee pads. Moreover, it has an amazing design which enabled me to just click them off or on very easily without spending any extra minutes.

Furthermore, there are straps attached with these knee pads which were pretty hard to fix but once done, they never let the pads slip off or slide even after long hours of paintballing.

As if these features were not enough, Alta Tactical SuperFlex Knee Pads contain Cordura Nylon Cove for enhanced protection. Moreover, there is ½” Neoprene foam padded in them which makes these pads undergo any grave situation.

  • Highly Padded
  • Has maximum possible strength
  • Best for intense paintball games
  • Perfectly rest on knees for hours
  • Straps adjustment is tricky

To sum up, these knee pads are extremely durable and can last for years. If you are into very intense paintballing, then these knee pads are surely what you need.

9. Bunker Kings V2 Royal Guard

Bunkerkings V2 Royal Guard paintball Kneepads


  • Brand: Bunker-Kings
  • 4-sizes available
  • Black color
  • Foam, synthetic rubber
  • Compression fit nature
  • Dual-layered foam padding
  • Duraflex covering
  • Tri-flex protection

If all you need is comfort with an optimal level of protection, then these Bunker Kings V2 Royal Guard Knee Pads are worth considering. Furthermore, these knee pads are made up of high-density BK Foam with double layers at sensitive areas. Moreover, they have Duraflex covering for enhanced protection.

I have felt the most comfortable in these knee pads as they provide the best protection with unmatchable comfort. Therefore, I put these knee pads on and forgot about them, this is how comfortable the stay-in-place inner compression sock and soft elastic bands made them. Furthermore, the multi-flex neoprene and separated side padding enhance the movement.

Along with flexibility, these Royal Guard Knee Pads are highly breathable too. Moreover, there is double ventilation for breathability and rapid aeration.

  • Highly comfortable
  • Durable
  • Enhanced protection
  • Lightweight
  • Great for any level player
  • After long hours of paintball, they may heat your legs

These Bunker Kings V2 Royal Guard Knee Pads provide high-level protection from intense situations while paintballing. Moreover the powerful padding, they have, makes them stand out when it comes to protection. However, they may be a bit snug at first, but once break-in, they provide the highest possible comfort.

10. AWP Tactical Hard Cap Knee Pads

AWP Tactical paintball Knee pad


  • Brand: AWP
  • Made of Foam
  • Black color
  • Dense padding
  • Air mesh interior
  • Tri-buckle system
  • Debris-free design

This is our last product on the list and is specially added for you if you’re on a budget. AWP Tactical Hard Cap Knee Pads are low-cost knee pads. However, they give very reliable performance.

Despite being a cheap option, AWP has not compromised on the padding of these knee pads. With high-density foam padding, these knee pads are capable of protecting your knees from any intense situation. Despite heavy padding for increased safety, these pads are kept flexible and give the highest degree of moveability to your knees.

According to my experience, the best thing about these knee pads is their easy maintenance and breathability. Additionally, AWP Tactical Hard Cap Knee Pads have an incorporated air-mesh interior for enhanced breathability which helped me stay comfortable while paintballing for long hours. Furthermore, I found these knee pads the easiest to maintain and clean as they have a debris-free design.

You do not need to worry about wearing and keeping these knee pads on as they come with a Heavy-duty tri-buckle system which makes it very easy to put them on or off without spending any extra time.

  • Caps ensure knees safety
  • Perfect fitting and easy on/off
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Not recommended for professionals

Overall, AWP Tactical Hard Cap Knee Pads are low-budget pads that provide you reasonable protection on the battleground with enhanced flexibility and comfort. Therefore, it can be a great choice for you

How to select Best Paintball Knee pads?

How to choose paintball knee pads

Your protection is of paramount importance while paintballing. Therefore, Knee Pads are one of the protective gears necessary for every level player to ensure an optimal level of protection before entering the paintball arena.

After adding the essential gears in your paintball kit, the best paintball Knee Pads are a must to have.  However, you should always take a deeper look into the features of any knee pads before selecting them. Furthermore, for your convenience, we have listed down some of the most critical features for your aid. Therefore, if you want to go on a search mission on your own, it’s an easy journey for you.

1. Material used

The first and foremost thing that you should look for while selecting knee pads is their material composition. Moreover, your Knee pads would stay on your legs as long as you’re playing in the field which usually lasts for long hours.

Hence, the material of knee pads should be flexible enough to give you both mobility and comfort for long hours. Furthermore, it should be breathable to allow maximum air circulation. Therefore, Quick-dry fabrics are preferred for this purpose.

Moreover, the material of knee pads should be such that they can resist hard situations and protect your knees. Additionally, take care that the degree of comfort, your knee pads are providing should not affect the level of strength.

2. Padding

After selecting the material, you should look for the padding you need in the knee pads. Generally, more padding means a high hindrance in movement, but this is not always the case. Moreover, there are several knee pads that we have reviewed above which provide both good padding and excellent mobility.

However, it’s up to you. If you are too much into intense paintballing, then selecting a knee pad that comes with extra padding for enhanced protection is better for you. Otherwise, selecting one with optimal padding but amazing flexibility and mobility can be a good choice for you.

3. Level of comfort

Movement is the key in paintballing and the one who encounters hindrance in moving can never win the game. And when it comes to knee pads, they are placed on the very sensitive area of your body as far as quick action is concerned. Hence, always critically check the sizes available and select one which perfectly suits you.

The most important feature you should look for, after safety, is the level of comfort the pads guarantee. Furthermore, almost all knee pads come in different sizes and clearly, there would be one size that would perfectly fit you. Therefore, critically check the weight and size of knee pads before ordering.

4. Weather

The weather conditions in which you are planning to use these knee pads also affect your decision. If you play in hot weather conditions, then you should never compromise on the breathability of these pads. Furthermore, you would never want to get your knees wet with sweat in any weather conditions. Therefore, check acutely what your selected knee pads are bringing to the table.

5. Type of closure

The closure type is also very critical. As paintball is a very dynamic game and you would never want your knee pads to be loosened or displaced with your one jump. Hence, always select such type of paintball knee pads that stick to your knees and never get displaced no matter how much you jump or bend.

For this purpose, Hook and Loop closure usually works very well. However, the Velcro straps are the best. Sometimes, these adjustable Velcro straps are difficult to set in but once done, they hardly allow the pads to relocate on your knees.

6. Length of Knee Pads

Selecting the length of knee pads is entirely up to you. The longer the legs, the longer the knee pads should provide the desired comfort. Generally, shorter knee pads permit more movement than longer ones. However, they are more prone to getting displaced and slipping down.

On the other hand, longer knee pads are somewhat uncomfortable but are more secure than the shorter ones. So, if you are confident enough that you can do well with the longer ones, then go for them.

7. Design of Knee Pads

Every knee pad has a different design. Some have vents at the backside, some have an extra curved design to suit your leg shape and some pads come with a hard shell on the top for enhanced protection. Therefore, keeping in view the pros and cons of these designs, you should select one which perfectly suits your needs.

General Maintainence Tips

Now, there are some additional tips and tricks you should keep in mind for maintaining the knee pads. This is because a well-maintained knee pad can last for years however the one which is not used properly may expire soon.

The most important thing for this purpose is cleanliness. The sooner you wash out the incorporated paint from your knee pads the better. Now there are two reasons for doing that. Number one, if you wash the pads soon, it would be easier to get rid of the dirt it contains, and secondly, they would be ready to be used again and you won’t have to wash them soon before the game.

Nobody wants to wear dirty, muddy, and sweaty knee pads before entering the paintballing arena. Therefore, wash them thoroughly and keep them ready for the next game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If your knee pads are super breathable and comfortable then you can wear them for long hours but even then, excess of anything is bad. However, wearing knee pads for long hours can be harmful as they can cause poor blood circulation, muscle pain, or sore knees. Moreover, If the material is not very breathable then you may also get rashes on the knee.

Yes, knee pads are manufactured for both men and women. However, the size may not be the same. Additionally, there’s nothing wrong with wearing the same paintball knee pads by both male and female players if there is no issue with the size.

Yes, most of the knee pads are washable in washing machines. However, some additional care tips should be taken care of. Furthermore, do read the company’s washing instructions before washing them.

Absolutely. Paintball knee pads are extremely important for every player. For enhanced, performance without the fear of getting any cuts, bruises, or injuries on your knees, putting on the best paintball knee pads is extremely important. 

Final Words

Having the best paintball knee pads on, while playing paintball is extremely important. While having them on your knees, you can crawl, jump, and run through any difficult environment without the fear of getting any injuries on the knees. And if your knees are safe, this means you can deal with any situation on the field.

If you want the best performing knee pads, then select one from the above and have fun.


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