Best Paintball Mask for Big Heads – Full Head Paintball Mask and Helmet for 2023

If you have a big head, it will be complicated to select a suitable mask that thoroughly covers your head. Moreover, you want it to be comfortable to wear for long hours of tournaments.

A paintball mask decides whether you will enjoy your paintball match all day or it will keep you tempted to take it off. If this is the case, it may become a reason for risk to your face.

Buy a Full head mask while keeping safety as a prime choice. If you want the Best Paintball mask for big heads, then choose a Paintball Helmet mask which is not only a full face paintball mask but as well as a full head paintball mask.

I always keep my protection as the top most priority. If you feel safe during the game. Only then, your focus can be more on the game rather than inspecting your mask over and over again.

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Our Top 2 Picks

Our Top 2 Choices for the Best Paintball mask for big heads are tabulated below. This shortlist is for those who wanna make a quick selection.

Empire EVS Vs Push Unite

Push Unite Paintball Mask features
Empire EVS Paintball Mask features

5 Best Paintball Masks for Big Heads

For those who want to give serious thought to the selection of their paintball mask, I have brought the 5 best Paintball masks for bigger heads. Indeed, these will help you wear quality without spending a fortune on your paintball masks. All of these masks are suitable for big heads. Therefore, you will feel extremely comfortable while playing this fantastic game.

Image Product Details   Price
Empire EVS Empire EVS Brand: Empire
Excellent Choice
Full Face Paintball Mask
Check Price
Virtue VIO Virtue VIO Brand: Virtue
Premium Quality
Best for Breathing
Check Price
Push Unite Push Unite Brand: Push Unite
Perfect for Beginners & Intermediate players
Full Coverage Paintball Mask
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Bunkerkings CMD Bunker Kings CMD Brand: Bunker Kings
Cool Choice
for Big Heads
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Empire X-ray Empire X-Ray Brand: Empire
Safest Choice
Full Head Paintball Mask
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Best Paintball Mask for Big Heads – Reviews

1. Empire EVS – Full Face Paintball Mask


Empire EVS

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9.7/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Empire
  • Lens Type: Dual Pane Thermal Lens
  • Size: 9 x 9 x 8.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.4 Lbs

If you are a professional player and remain involved more often than average players, this mask has got you covered and is analyzed by one of the expert players.

Would you like to know the reason why we are prioritizing this mask for the top position? If you don’t pay heed to easy fit and comfort wearing, paintball masks are enclosed elements. These masks can lead to a claustrophobic or downright uneasy situation.

As we used Empire EVS, we realized the number one reason to buy this mask. It comes with a flexible lower skirt which helps to adjust the covers to fit the size of your head and face, making it best for full-face protection.

Generally, most of the masks are manufactured with padding inside, built with varying materials and softness. Its Triple Density face foam is the lightest modular mask that guarantees a secure and comfortable feel. Thus, the moisture-wicking fleece keeps the inside of the mask completely dry by capillary action.

While most of the masks we used are without the rubber bottom. But, this one has this functionality to provide ultra-comfort for big heads. In addition, we’re happy to say that Empire EVS has a distortion-free spherical thermal lens. This lens enables 270 degrees extensive visibility area.

We compared its breathability, unrestricted airflow, and proven effortless communication due to the thermo-formed ear during our test. Being the case, we love that it won the battle against top brands of paintball masks.

Furthermore, for extra durability and protection, it comes with a silicone Backed head-strap. Hence, this strap can bear direct hits and protect against hits on your neck and back head.

Chiefly, its unique ventilation system with a high-quality dual-pane lens prevents fog. Moreover, it doesn’t fit too tight to irritate your head during a paintball match. Also, it contains moister or sweats condensation from entering the lens area to hurdle visibility.

  • Anti-fog
  • It fits all head sizes comfortably
  • Comfortable breathing and free airflow with large vents
  • Effortless communication
  • Sturdy and heavy build material
  • It offers quick lens replacement without any tool
  • Lens replacement is costly
  • The black lens is not in the package.

Its sturdy and scratch-resistant material’s performance is of top quality. Even after the number of matches and getting hit many times. We love to stare at its scratch-less design daily that never settles anything less and remains our favorite of the bunch of the Best paintball masks for big heads.

2. Virtue VIO – Best Paintball Mask for Breathing


Virtue VIO

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9.5/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Virtue
  • Lens Type: Dual-pane thermal anti-fog lens
  • Size: 8.43 x 8.43 x 7.09 inches
  • Weight: 1.15 Lbs

If you are a professional player and remain involved more often than average players, this mask has got you covered and analyzed by one of the expert players.

Spark your paintball passion with Virtue VIO and land into the arena with this ultra-secure mask. VIO protects and covers the head and face and reduces the risk of injuries during matches from direct hits.

Furthermore, it primarily includes VIO lens technology that provides a large area for viewing the enemies for more clarity and maintains visibility.

If you love more color and graphics on the mask. Then, Virtue VIO is best for full-face protection with its innovative design and versatility. 

If you love more rigid color accents, Virtue VIO has the Streamlined semi-flexible that has reinforced various colors to have an attractive look in the arena. We’re sure that its subdued colors and stealth style will increase your excitement and fun in your paintball passion by minimizing other players’ attention to the look you would wear.

It is manufactured with a diverse layout. This can fit the requirement of any player by accommodating it in different aspects depending on the choice.

If your head is comparatively large and you have already been thrown away due to an unfitness problem, the Enlarged goggle strap in this mask brought up a revolution for big heads. All you need to do is tighten or loosen the strap. It will automatically fit your head site with its versatile design.

Furthermore, the moderately-sized vents make breathing easier and transmit voice clearly, which means if you are a fat guy and sweat too much, this mask is on duty to expel all the hot air from inside and prevent you from paint that comes in contact with your face.

It is shock-absorbent with built-in premium-quality plastic and foam that protects the mask from pressing down your face surface and bounces back up to maximum frequency.

  • Durable and sturdy material
  • Versatile and innovative design
  • Fog resistant thermal lens
  • 100% UV protection
  • Replaceable multi-layer eye foam without tool
  • Quick change lens ability
  • Comes without visor
  • Pricey

Unlike other paintball masks that often need a clean-up after every match, Virtue VIO protects the large lens area from fog and has an impressive lens surface that offers zero interior reflection.

We’ve been on the front side to test its sturdiness for maximum protection in the fields. This innovative craft didn’t feel uncomfortable ever by stopping the high power of direct hits, and it’s one of the best paintball masks out of our collection.

3. Push Unite – Full Coverage Paintball Mask


Push Unite

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9.6/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Push Unite
  • Lens Type: Quad PANE Lens
  • Size: 10 x 9 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 1.65 Lbs

it is a perfect choice for beginners and intermediate players who love to be protected and avoid ruining their initial experience of this fun game

Technology has evolved, and it’s wrong to say that perfect things don’t exist but Push Unite proves it wrong. With its exceptional high-quality protective case that we tested, it always covered the head with maximum protection against many shots during our games. This metal-stiffened craft brings up an innovative Nose Bridge Adjustment System that makes this mask unique for fitting precisely to your face.

Its adjustable Innovative Magnetic Chin-Strap has different sizes and fits well from tiny to large faces providing comprehensive coverage protection. Therefore, it’s best for full coverage, and we always love carrying this mask out of the rest.

Moreover, it’s 100% UV rays protected and ensures a high-quality Quad Layer anti-fog lens for complete prevention of fog and an anti-reflective to outperform against UV rays.

In terms of actual paintball experience, this mask performs better, protects well, and has a high bounce factor than any other paintball option that we tested. It has a thick Super Light Multi-Layer Structure that’s comfortable, adjustable, and can agilely accommodate some big head sizes.

As of super-fast innovation in the technology of paintball masks, we like its flawless and modern structure with unprecedented 16 Strategic Ventilation Zones. It leads to more rooms to evacuate the hot air for ultra-comfort and keeps your face cool, keeping the lens clear for a good visibility experience. Push Unite has a very effective Anti-Reflection Bridge feature that works to reduce glare.

  • Nose Bridge Adjustment System fits any face size precisely
  • Very durable for long term use
  • Quick-Change Lens System without tool
  • 16 Strategic Ventilation Zones for comfortable breathing and ventilation
  • Innovative Magnetic Chin-Strap for ultra-comfort
  • A little too expensive lens

While most other paintball masks employ a construction that creates problems for big heads and doesn’t sit down firmly. Thereby, players lose their focus during the match, and it’s a very frustrating situation when it draws off huge attention toward the mask and keeps you distracted all time.

By combining knowledge from influential players, this mask guarantees face fit customization and has soft earpieces, a nose bridge, and dual-injection molding features. Because of these features, it can be one of the best paintball masks for big heads.

4. Bunkerkings CMD – Best Paintball Mask for Big Heads



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9.4/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Bunkerkings
  • Lens Type: VIO thermal lens tech
  • Size: 8.5 x 8.5 x 7.6 inches
  • Weight: 1.65 Lbs

If you want to look cool during the game, grab it. It offers you bright funky multiple color options along with being an excellent choice for big heads

Bunkerkings CMD competes with the top paintball mask brands on the market, and its ability to protect big heads is flawless. Its superior VIO thermal lens boasts its high-quality anti-fog feature. With its hi-flow ventilation and multi-directional air exhaust zones, we realized that this more reliable mask improves breathing than any other model we’ve tested in this range.

This mask is renowned for its pressure-reducing shape to protect the head and face feel normal while being flogged. We had no problem using Bunkerkings CMD in all-day scenarios matches because it has a smooth skin inner shape that was a perfect match for a big head with its tight jawline profile.

Like many other models we used, this mask isn’t behind in the race to provide a comfortable and adjustable modern design with a microfiber contact layer. It has the best distortion-free hearing, effortless communication mouth vent, and no trouble in breathing quickly.

We were a little concerned about its visibility during the hot, humid days, and we’re satisfied to say it not only kept the field of view more precise but also proved efficient to prevent fog on the lens. Also, it’s easy to remove and install the lens without using any tool. However, we’ve experienced a slight condensation of heat that covered the mouth area but was manageable and didn’t stop our fun in the game.

It also includes a scratch-resistant small visor. For considerable head protection, it is designed with an ultra-wide goggle strap with built-in grip prints on the strap to adjust the size of the mask according to your face and head size. To enhance the protection measurements, bounce flex zones absorb the impact without caring how hard the mask got it.

During our time out there, we experienced that its sturdy and high-quality material never got cracked despite getting some brutal smashes too.

The design with tiny holes crafted around the ears makes it easy to listen and eliminates echoing simultaneously. This mask offers supreme comfort with an external layer of super-soft microfiber. While the foam is interchangeable, that is also plush and comfy for extra protection of the head and face by fitting nicely.

  • Extra comfortable and breathable
  • Anti-echo geometrical shape for clear communication and distortion-free hearing
  • Foam and lens are interchangeable without any tool
  • Ultra VIO-thermal Lens for anti-fog
  • Thick and protective earpieces
  • Bighead friendly
  • It reduces glare with Micro-visor.
  • Expensive for beginners
  • Unlocking the lens may feel difficult

Bunkerkings CMD is the best paintball mask for big heads and is our recommended model for professional players. It is perfect for those out on paintball tournaments all day as it doesn’t let you feel incomplete.

5. Empire X-Ray V2.1 – Full Head Paintball Mask

Are you looking to cover your head from all sides with thick and sturdy material without any concern of getting shot on your head, ear and face? As such, we can’t keep Empire X-Ray V2.1 from this contest. We’ve tested this simple classical designed paintball helmet mask, and we appreciate that it gives full head protection and covers your neck which we rarely see in other paintball masks.

The fully adjustable and removable chin strap transforms the Empire X-Ray V2.1 into a convenient mask that is easier to use, and its versatile design with strap doesn’t seem to create an issue for big heads at all. It’s a simple but unique plastic frame all around your face without flex that stops everything from reaching your face and head skin.


Empire X-ray

More Images
9.2/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Empire
  • Lens Type: Thermal lens
  • Size: 13.9 x 12.6 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 2.45 Lbs

If you crave safety more, this is your go-to mask. It is not only a Full Head Paintball mask but also an ideal Paintball Mask for big heads.

While like many other masks that provide enough bounce factor when you got hit, this one lacks this feature as of its heavy-duty material that is sheer stops paintball shop very effectively. We like that it’s very affordable with all-inclusive features like anti-fog, full head coverage, and many more we’ll discuss.

Moreover, this mask’s open-end visor design allows airflow that keeps the fog away from the field of view and provides extra visibility. This mask is our best choice for a budget-friendly mask with way better high-quality foam at this mid-range price.

It has gotten a little look of a Tactical Paintball helmet as well with its full head and face coverage design.

While testing this simple mask, we’ve realized that it is a kind of little unprotected towards the neck region if you use sticky Velcro tapes for attaching the top head with the back head, so we recommend using safety straps to keep your rear head covered firmly.

In addition, its 360 degrees of protection is compatible for children and equally stays tight with room for comfortable breathing, and it doesn’t press down the nose point. So, it’s protected from head condensation, which usually spreads out around the nose and mouth, restricting breathing. It has a scratch-resistant lens without putting pressure on the ears and nose.

  • 360 degrees protection
  • Anti-glare lens
  • Sturdy and good quality full head protection
  • Fully adjustable chin strap and easily removable
  • Anti-Scratch Lenses to reduce the fog & scratches
  • Budget-friendly
  • Sticky Velcro tapes keep the back and front head loose.

Its elegant capacity to beat up the top brands and is the Best Full Head Paintball Mask with its variety of working styles. You can take off the visor for a clear view at night because it creates a shadow on the way and reflects a faded view. At the same time, put it on during the sunlight for the perfect picture.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The primary purpose of a paintball mask is to take care of your sensitive parts like the eyes and ears, but it’s a stick of dynamite if you get full head coverage with neck protection. If you don’t buy a mask with a full range, the chances are that you will get hit on some parts of your face wearing opened design mask. We also recommend, taking other factors like ventilation for breathing, sturdy material to resist direct hit, and thermal lens for anti-fog view.

Although professional players can adjust, compromising the safety over a good design. If you are a beginner, get Best Paintball Mask for Bigger Heads that gives ultra protection and keeps your head covered during the match.

Each mask is manufactured with the proper structure of ventilation to avoid breathing difficulty. But if you are a fat guy, you need a special mask that should have enough grills around the mouth and nose area for comfortable inhaling.

Final Thoughts on Best Paintball Mask for Big Heads

Paintball Market is full of options; you can choose what you want. But, the available options shrink down if you glue upon finding a mask that fits a bigger head. Still, we have tried our level best to find the best products for you. We hope that after reading this, you can easily find the Best Paintball Mask for big heads.  

Diving down more deeply by judging each mask critically, we’ve listed various models, including affordable ones, loaded with features, and pricier ones, but we always keep the quality on top. All these top crafts are manufactured to fit the big head sizes comfortably.

Choose whatever suits you; however, look into the mask’s safety in the necessary gear to enjoy fearless sports.

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