Best Paintball Mask Under 100$ – Cheap Paintball Masks 2022

Looking to get the Best Paintball Mask under 100$ that is worthwhile to fit your budget considering the durability and protection. Paintball Masks are prepared in an array of materials and designs that can confuse your selection for the right mask. Some masks are more focused on sturdiness crafted from plastic. While some masks focus more on flexibility, thus they are manufactured with soft rubber.

If you want a Cheap Paintball mask, a mask that suits best to your budget then you are on the spot. We will help you choose a Cheap Paintball Mask that is best for your money. You will be ending up with the Best paintball mask for under 100$.

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Top 10 Paintball Mask Under 100$

However, if your choice is the comfortable and stylish appearance of masks with high protective material, we are here for you. We thoroughly explored the protection capacity and comfort of each mask. we’ve crafted a list of our favorite masks that we like for their protection and long-lasting abilities.

No matter what kind of paintball player you are, remaining under 100$, 10 Best Paintball Mask list will help for your full-day action

Image Product Details   Price
jt premise headshield JT Premise Headshield Brand: JT
Weight: 1.4 Lbs
Size: 12 x 8.8 x 7.7 inches
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Empire X-ray Empire X-Ray Brand: Empire
Weight: 2.45 Lbs
Size: 13.9 x 12.6 x 8 inches
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Weight: 2.2 Lbs
Size: 12 x 10 x 6 inches
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invert helix Invert Helix Brand: Invert
Weight: 1.1 Lbs
Size: 10 x 9 x 7.8 inches
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jt premise JT Premise Brand: JT
Weight: 1.3 Lbs
Size: 9.0 x 8.5 x 7.5 inches
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Valken MI-7 Valken MI-7 Brand: Valken
Weight: 1 Lb
Size: 9 x 7 x 8 inches
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Empire Helix Empire Helix Brand: Empire
Weight: 1 Lb
Size: 8 x 8 x 8 inches
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Virtue VIO Ascend Virtue VIO Brand: Virtue
Weight: 1.07 Lbs
Size: 8.4 x 8.4 x 7.09 inches
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gi sports grill GI Sportz Brand: GI
Weight: 1 Lb
Size: 10.1 x 8 x 7.5 inches
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V Force V Force Brand: V Force
Weight: 1.73 Lbs
Size: 10.4 x 8.1 x 7.6 inches
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Best Cheap Paintball Masks – Reviews

1. JT Premise Headshield – Best Paintball mask for the Money

Over 30 years of paintball manufacturing experience, the most famous JT Paintball brand has launched JT Premise Headshield with an adaptation of modern design and expertise in the field of the paintball world.

JT Premise Headshield is a full helmet that ensures your safety first, we like it for its 360-degree protection feature. Its ultra-protective outer layer is made from plastic. With its 3 points of adjustments, it fits like a glove on both big heads and small heads comfortably. This mask promises protection for any style of game or field and unlike other masks, it has 360-degree protection. According to your head size, not only adjusting the chin strap or head strap is easy but also you can ensure maximum protection by using head

coverage plates for a snug fit. Its adjustable chin strap system enables player’s maximum security during play which is adhered to your chin.

If you prefer to wear goggles while playing and you can’t land in a paintball match without glasses, it provides glasses friendly structure that solves your problem very much.

Having said that, we like its 260 visions with full-face ventilation. During our test, we loved the way we can see and breathe through this 260-degree open vision.

Considering breathing as the most important factor, this vented face mask with full face ventilation allows comfortable breathing and also prevents the lens from the fog. Moreover, it has a Spectra lens which provides a wide range of vision to see clearly what is coming at all times.


jt premise headshield

JT Premise Head Shield
  • Full head protection
  • Change lens instantly
  • 260 degrees wide visibility
  • 3 adjustment points
  • Anti-fog with easy breathing
  • Removable visor
  • Glasses Friendly
  • Changing Inner foam takes time
  • The lens may get foggy in humidity.

2. Empire X-Ray V2.1 – Good Cheap Paintball Mask

It usually doesn’t happen that a product that is one of the top-performance is also the one with the best cheap tag, Empire X-Ray V2.1 is our favorite mask that is excellent value for money. Over the past couple of years, Empire has brought up an exciting improvement in its new masks with design, versatility, clear visibility, and highly protective material.

As you know, you can be hit from any side on your back head, ear, face side, etc. X-Ray V2.1 provides 360 degrees coverage for solid protection from all sides. We’ve tested its outer material which is crafted with high-quality material that gives you feeling like a juggernaut in the middle of the field without any fear. If you are low on budget, you are getting a high-end quality mask with all protection and comfort that other high-budget masks do provide.

Besides its protection, we love the dual-pane lens that prevents it from fogging up and its scratch-free masks, keep you distraction-free during your play. If you are concerned about the big head with afro hair, X-Ray V2.1 has got you covered with its adjustable chin strap to hold in a place.

However, you should be precarious about your neck as it doesn’t cover the neck area but is very cozy for your head protection. Furthermore, it has soft padding foam that absorbs hit shocks with large vents to improve communication, hearing, and comfort in breathing. The wide area of the lens doesn’t fog up at all, allow you to align with your gun and see the red dot with ease.

Its visor doesn’t give off any shade. The back can flip forward and also you can flip the top back for easy cleaning. It is one of the best paintball masks for under 100$.


empire xray

Empire X-Ray
  • Budget-friendly
  • Versatile design
  • Full head coverage
  • Anti-fog lens
  • Durable
  • broad ventilation for breathing comfort
  • A little tight for big heads

3. JFFCESTORE Tactical Mask – Best Paintball Mask under 100$

It’s for those who want to try the tactical mask, JFFCESTORE is designed with a dual-mode elastic design connected to the helmet via various accessories. We’ve researched it thoroughly and we had no issue getting hit on our head from any side wearing JFFCESTORE with full head protection. We like that it is versatile and one can change its wearing mode depending on what sort of player you are.

The helmet material is sturdy and very durable. This mask comes with padding that is adjusted automatically with 09 different pieces inside it. It is very resistive to withstand the close range hitting having heavy-duty reinforced material. It is almost unbreakable with the paintball hits. During the test, it protected our eyes from cold wind and UV rays making us more focused on our exciting match with friends.

In addition, JFFCESTORE provides extra places on the helmet for patch attachments, mount the flashlight with a hook and loop panel for an option to light up your dark space around. Attack Side Rails, NVG Shroud, signal recognition lights, headset holder, and many other extra widgets on your uniquely designed most famous paintball mask, JFFCESTORE.

Another key fact to remember is that it fits all-size heads (not suitable for children) just adjust suspender straps and chin pad for accurate non-loose fitting. Its impressive adjustment strap buckles allow tightening and loosening of the mask to fit perfectly with a single hand effort. It is designed for adults only.

Its high visibility prevents fog from freezing and covering the view; we’ve played several games constantly in a day and felt no fog to distract our focus. This tough-looking mask holds a special position in the list of best paintball masks under 100$.


JFFCESTORE Tactical Mask

  • Dual Mode Design
  • High-quality durable material
  • Extra equipment installation mounting points
  • Easy to adjust
  • Suitable for adults
  • Eye-protective lens against cold wind and UV rays.
  • Not suitable for kids
  • Not much elastic

4. Invert Helix – Cheap Paintball Mask

Even after several years of testing, getting strong hits, wearing during hot summer days, Invert Helix proved to be one of the top-quality masks in paintball. Once you’ve gotten used to it, we guarantee, you will stick to it.

It’s a cinch to adjust this mask on your face with a greater ventilation system. You can easily breathe out through the grill situated right in front of your mouth and nose.

It’s sturdier than others, providing excellent anti-fog lens surface in literally freezing weather while wearing a neck guard and cap to keep yourself warm-up. While testing it, the high quality and sturdy material saved us from several multiple direct hits without cracking up its surface. We didn’t experience any hit on our head due to its multi-layered foam that bounces back the hits onto the helmet.

We had no problem cleaning the lens after multiple matches with its thermal lens while we haven’t need to clean its view area as it didn’t catch up with the fog. If you’re conscious about scratches on its out surface, then the very protective and modern design of Invert Helix will be the scratch-resistant choice for you. It is worth playing this mask in a paintball arena and is better than other expensive masks offering the same features.

After a whole day of play, we experienced no fog. Though its foam started peeling off a little from the forehead part we fixed it using glue in a minute and still it is our Best Low-Profile mask ever in this range. If you are a little bulky and sweat relatively in excessive amounts, it will slide out all the water of sweat from the grills to prevent fogging up.


invert helix
Invert Helix
  • Durable
  • Very handy to handle fog
  • Easy breathing through holes
  • Fits and covers the full head (not neck)
  • Sturdy enough to bear direct close hits
  • Nose rest is a tad annoying but manageable
  • Foam quality on the forehead is average

5. JT Premise – Best Cheap Paintball Mask

If you are ready to get out in the field with friends for a paintball competition match, JT Premise is our favorite mask with a budget-friendly option. This mask easily fits the description of a very good paintball mask under 100$. It does not fog easily. However, we’ve made it fog proof by applying a little amount of gel on the lens during continuous rainfall in some regions. Taking off the lens is as easy as how much time it takes to clean your mask during the match without being hit.

It has a remarkable quality that has beaten up all its competitors, its unique design looks better and stands out against top brands in such range. Moreover, it covers whole face areas, also taking care of your back jaws with its high-damage resistive material. Honestly, I was not expecting that much performance from this mask, but still, it proved me wrong in every aspect.

It does come with a foam quick release system which means, it will reflect the force of spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules hitting the helmet directly. Its lens is easily changeable without any tool. We’ve tested its visibility which gives 260 degrees field of vision to peek and protect from a wide-ranging attack.

Currently, it has a single lens. But, if you want to notch up, you need up-gradation to double lens for ultra-visibility. This mask gave us great reliability with its high-end protective layer. We had no problem breathing while playing a long-hour match, however, it has relatively small holes but it doesn’t draw your breathing inside

It’s tough to beat JT Premise for its high-quality anti-fog lens, with a decent look and good camo


jt premise

JT Premise
  • Built-in Visor
  • Soft foam for ultra-comfort
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • 260-degree field of vision
  • Anti-fog lens
  • Slightly heavy

6. Valken Paintball MI-7 – Best Discount Paintball Mask

Valken Paintball MI-7 is designed with a popped-out shady strip that has come a long way to protect you from direct sunlight while playing in the fields. To facilitate the beginner players with the high-quality material that covers the full head, MI-7 is constructed with a sturdy outer layer. It ensures safety with its dual-paned thermal lens to protect your eyes from UV rays and direct hits.

We’ve tested its constructed work and structured material, with scratch-resistant ability, MI-7 is always been in every paintball arena with us for years. Its excellent quality fits any head ranging from 9 years old kid to any age. We are happy to say, it covers all ages players by slightly adjusting it for the first time and go all day without any wobbly motion.

We’d love you to say, it’s the only mask that offers a base layer with dual-layered foam to increase comfort. The inner side of this mask is crafted from foam which is a high cost-effective sponge rubber for cushioning that keeps your head relaxed. If you feel uncomfortable wearing the mask, all you have to loosen or tighten the straps to fit your head size and get ultra-comfort.

The built-in distortion-free spherical lens in our favorite best budget mask makes it fog proof even in extreme weather conditions. The thermal lens is ultra-durable and scratch-resistant. Moreover, you can quickly change the lens during the match break and easy cleaning. It is very difficult to find all these features together in a single paintball mask for under 100$.


valken MI 7

Valken Paintball MI-7
  • Durable
  • Sturdy Material with ultra-comfort
  • Dual-Layer comfort foam
  • Fits any size of the head
  • ASTM and CE certification
  • Anti-fog
  • Blocks the sweat for clear visibility
  • The nose portion is a little tight

7. Empire Helix – Best Budget Paintball Mask

Empire Helix is one of our favorite masks for its ultra-comfortable foam inside the mask and high-quality material for protection. It gives clear visibility with its dual-pane thermal lens, as their name implies, a dual-pane lens is less likely to absorb fog by regulating temperature and condensation. The foam barrier separates down the panes to prevent fog from hurdling your visibility.

It’s necessary to breathe with comfort when wearing the mask, it is only possible when there are maximum holes around the mouth area. It is the most comfortable and recommended mask as its designed structure provides enough room to breathe out easily. We love that it comes with a detachable protective visor included in the package that can be adjusted and can clip when extra protection is needed. To eliminate the fog from the view screen of the lens, it has dual-lens that come into play sweeping the fog and sweat effectively. We’ve tested and experienced most comfort feelings wearing the mask as it provides enough padding around the eyes. If you’re new in paintball, we can’t stress how much an entry-level mask going is effective to determine whether or not you enjoy it. During our months of play, we felt very comfortable with this sturdy model.

It offers true optical clarity which is unbeaten among its goggle class, providing an excellent way to remove the lens by sliding off the upper part. It fits all the sizes, also the ears. If you are a teenager, it is the better choice with an adjustable strap, suitable for your parent too. You can wear the mask over your glasses without stinging your nose and feeling tight.


Empire Helix
  • Anti-fog
  • The clear dual-pane thermal lens
  • Quick tool-less lens changeability
  • 270-degree visibility
  • Rigid material for ultra-protection
  • Detachable visor included
  • Padding is a little uncomfortable

8. Virtue VIO Ascend AF

Do yourself a favor, If you’re looking for a highly competitive and budget-friendly mask, Virtue VIO Ascend AF offers the same features as a high-end mask. It is the latest model manufactured by Virtue Paintball, having an impressive combination of protection, breathability, and visibility. It is an ultimate entry-level mask that features all the protective measurements that a mask twice the price. We love this mask for its pro-level comfort, comparatively wide vision with an anti-fog coated lens crafted as a single pane. While we were testing it out, one of our big guys who breathes heavily and also sweats too much,

but not even once it fogged up. It is a lightweight mask designed with rigid non-flexible protected material to protect your face.

The impressive dual-layer eye foam is easily removable and protects the eye with distortion-free optical clarity. Its single-piece design is very efficient to resist close hits directly, it is less likely to break and withstand shot of any sort. We felt a little less comfortable wearing it on a large head, we recommend this mask for relatively small heads/faces. It makes your breathing easier as it provides great ventilation.

The ultimate compatibility of this little paintball mask makes the Virtue VIO Ascend AF an easy choice if you want all-in-one features like lenses, replacement foam, VIO line visors, and straps.

We love that one can communicate and hear easily through it having ventilation right around your mouth and nose area. Its Subdued colors keep you off the targeted zone and allot a way to aim at your target without being exposed easily. It is giving a tough competition to its rivals in the race of best paintball mask under 100$


Virtue Vio Ascend

Virtue VIO Ascend AF
  • Very Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Removable dual-layer eye foam
  • Anti-fog coated lens
  • Excellent ventilation for breathing
  • Maximum airflow
  • Single pane lens
  • Foam pads come are designed with a thin layer

9. G.I SPORTZ Grill

After an hour into the game, we got hit on the face twice and this mask performed well giving ultra-protection to the face area. We love that it can wipe away all the fog even in the worst condition of weather with its sleek spherical lenses.

It also boasts for its aggressive low-profile as it ditches the large sun visor. While the G.I SPORTZ Grill is manufactured with a 3D lens shape, it means its wide-angle of view allows unrestricted peripheral vision.

With a hard metal design, its body is scratch-resistant and competent against penetrable shots. Also, it’s Ultra low profile helps the players to reduce the target zone for more tight play vanishing the distractions during play.

What we love in this mask is a full-flex pro grill design that doesn’t usually feature in these budget-friendly masks, but G.I SPORTZ Grill is an ideal choice. It exhibits maximum bounce that has solved our huge problem of pinching from outside hits force. It bounces back the hit force to save your head and face from being pressed while you get a shot directly.

The nose point is very comfortable, unlike many other masks that don’t fit your nose and usually create frustration during the match. The mask’s design also helps in breathing to save you from hyperventilating, although, you can’t easily tighten up the strap in the back. If you are a beginner, the instruction notes are included within the package that helps you to get through the process of wearing the mask with an explicit guide. It’s very easy to take apart for easy cleaning inside and also tends to provide maximum visibility.

And like all the budget-friendly masks we have tested, this one doesn’t pinch any part of your face because of its high durability and ultra-protected material.


gi sports grill

  • Very Durable
  • Anti-fog with anti-scratch lenses
  • Sleek spherical 3 D lenses
  • Ultra-low profile for target zone
  • Fits any size of head and face
  • No dark lens is included

10. V-Force Grill SC

The V-Force Grill SC comes with a Chrome Lens that not only provides a distortion-free field of view but is very handy in the highly polished mirror of chameleon colors. It also helps in morphing with the user’s movements. No matter what are the lighting conditions, where you are standing, the HDR lens gives sharper vision. During our game, we like that its high-definition lens surface eliminates the eye-catching reflections as it is designed with an anti-reflective coating material.

It is our favorite mask that comes with a dual-pane thermal lens that helps in evaporating the fog coming onto the view spot. It is a completely fogless mask that offers ultra-protection plus comfortable wearing all day. Its ultra-lightweight construction makes it easy to carry for a long-time play. It’s an impressive mask for its better cushioning and foam condition.

The progressive foam-swap system is an innovative technology in modern masks that are designed to enhance performance. This technique improves the thermal performance of the external layer of the mask, so you get comfortable sweat-free foam.

It is perfect if you are a little bulky and constantly sweats during the game. This mask offers maximum bounce factor by providing soft rubber areas right in the center of the face.

It’s a super easy task to replace the lens. However, the lens is a little pricy but they give extra visibility with a clear surface. This is a good cheap mask under 100$ that helped us to wear glasses without causing too many adjustment problems.


vforce grill

V-Force Grill SC
  • Chrome HDR Lens
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Anti-fog
  • Progressive foam-swap system
  • Distortion-free field of view
  • The chin strap is a little uncomfortable
  • Little Pricey lens

Best Paintball Mask for the Money – Our Picks

Based on unbiased reviews, we’ve stated each model by undergoing deep research to help you choose the best for you. Following are the few recommendations for those masks we got inspired by in our long-lived paintball journey.

If You wanna get the best cheap paintball mask for your budget, just grab the JT Premise Headshield. It is the best available in the market for this price. It offers all the features which a high-end mask has to offer you.

Normally, if you wanna get a Budget Paintball Mask, keep a rough figure of around 30$ in your mind. Above that, the sky is the limit. You can spend up to 300$ if you want to get a professional paintball mask.


After few months of assessments, we were so passionate to describe our favorite masks in words to spread quality on the internet. Even though it’s not an easy task to get the best Paintball Mask under 100$ without compromising either quality factor but our team has made it. During this period of testing, we’ve strived for maintaining the quality with a huge bang for your bucks.

I can’t lie; testing paintball masks is a ton of fun, at least for me. I hope my research result will help you to dig out the best option for you to integrate the right paintball mask in your journey of fun. Now, go forth and have as much fun as we did — be sure to check your mask before wearing it for the next game for extra safety.

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