Best Paintball Mask 2023 Reviews-Awesome Paintball Helmets

Whenever you step into a Paintball arena, you feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins. You imagine yourself like an invincible Gladiator standing tall in the center of a coliseum. But remember, even the most daring person needs safety and protection. So take my advice, and look after your critical body parts like face, eyes, ears, and head. Therefore, you have to select the Best Paintball Mask which is fulfilling your safety needs.

If you want an awesome, coolest, unique, and best budget paintball mask. Then, this is your stop. We provide Best Paintball Mask reviews ranging from low profile to pro-level.

Paintball is a demanding and challenging sport. Regardless of your expertise level, you have to be the one hitting others while keeping yourself safe from the hits. If you want to explore all the dimensions of this game, you need to scroll through the list of our recommended masks.

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Our PicksTop 3 Paintball Masks


Dye I 5

Dye I5
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  • In-built Go Pro Mount
  • Lightweight
  • Fast Lens Replacement

Bunkerkings CMD

Bunkerkings CMD
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  • Engineered artistically
  • Highly Breathable 
  • Very Comfortable

Virtue VIO Ascend

Virtue VIO Ascend
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  • Compatible with the whole VIO Family
  • Great Visibility
  • Best in the price range

Top 10 Paintball Masks

We will present a comprehensive Comparison table of our Top 10 Paintball Masks. Afterward, we will analyze each one in detail. As a result, you will be able to make the best choice for yourself.

Image Product Details   Price
Dye I5 Dye I5 Best Paintball Mask
Go, Pro Mount
Quickest Lens change
Check Price
Bunkerkings CMD Bunkerkings CMD Badass Paintball Mask
Artistic structure
Killer wide Chin Strap
Check Price
Virtue VIO Virtue VIO Top Paintball Mask
Anti UV
Jawline Protection
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HK Army KLR HK Army KLR Unique Paintball Mask
Quick Lens Change
Dual Pane Thermal Lens
Check Price
Empire EVS Empire EVS Awesome Paintball Mask
Adjustable Chinstrap
Check Price
Virtue VIO Ascend Virtue VIO Ascend Best Budget Paintball Mask
Best for money
Quick Lens replacement
Check Price
JT Spectra Flex 8 JT Spectra Flex 8 Best Paintball Helmet
Ensures safety
Little Heavy
Check Price
Empire X-ray Empire X-Ray Cheap Paintball Mask
Easy on the pocket
Single Pane Lens
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V Force Armored V Force Armored Good Paintball Mask
Anti Scratch Lens
Low Profile
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Dye I4 Dye I 4 Coolest Paintball Mask
Unique Strap System
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Reviews-Best Paintball Masks

1. Dye I5 Paintball Goggle (Best Paintball Mask)

Dye I5 Paintball Mask is state-of-the-art technology available in 12 bright colors. Although, the price range is a bit on the higher side. But, if you want to push it up to the next level then, certainly this is your thing. Just grab this one and feel like a Pro in the arena.

Dye I5 Paintball Mask
Dye I5

Mainly, it gives you the ultimate comfort without compromising your performance. Once, you put it on, you feel an even and balanced pressure on your head. Thus, you can achieve unparalleled safety.

Chiefly, it is having a good quality Thermal Lens which is truly Anti Fog and offers you great peripheral vision both in a Horizontal and Vertical plane. Therefore, you will be well aware of your surroundings. Moreover, the latest technology ensures that moisture and heat dissipate easily. I wore it for hours continuously without a spot of moisture or fog. Even, though we have used this mask while playing in the rain without any problem.

Now talk about one of the greatest luxuries available with this product. Consider yourself in the field and you need to change your lens. With this mask, I was able to change the lens in seconds. So, I enjoy a definite edge over my competitors in terms of time.

Before going any further, let me tell you about its most unique feature which gives this mask a definite edge over its competitors. Moreover, Dye I5 comes with an in-built Go Pro mount which can be used on the helmet top to attach a Go Pro. Before the game, I attach my Go Pro with it. As a result, I can cherish my Triumph moments and relive those happy memories.

Additionally, I have used it both indoors/and outdoors and I was equally comfortable with it in both places. Dye I5 does not go easy with the helmets. So, I prefer it with an inverted baseball cap or a desert head warp. In this way, I feel more comfortable. Moreover, I would say that this is the best mask for smaller heads as it has an option to tighten it to a level that other masks don’t provide. This is because of a special Ratchet strap that comes on the back of the goggle. This is a very unique feature of this mask. But, this feature can become a negative point for the bigger heads. it will easily expose the chin of a person with a bigger head.

Dye I5 – Key Specifications

Best Paintball Mask
  Dye I5

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9.6/10 Our Score
  • Go Pro Strap  with Precise tension control
  • Tirodial Horizon 290 degree anti-fog lens
  • SCREAM multi-directional venting, patented blade angling
  • Quick Release Foam Kit and Rapid Lens Change
  • Easily fits bigger / smaller heads
  • Antifogging
  • Great peripheral vision
  • You can attach Go pro.
  • Lens replacement in seconds
  • No separate visor, you have to buy yourself
  • Little expensive
  • Does not cover the full chin for bigger heads

Dye I5 Paintball Goggle is the best mask available to you. If you want to notch up your game, then go for it. It is the most flexible mask which gives you liberty no other mask can provide.

2. Bunkerkings CMD (Badass Paintball Mask)

Bunkerkings CMD Paintball Goggle is engineered most artistically. They have focused on even tiny details. As a result, it outshines all its competitors in this field. This mask is also a high-end one so it’s a bit expensive. But, it has proven to be an excellent addition to the paintball accessories.

Bunkerkings Paintball Mask
Bunkerkings CMD

It is having a high-end thermal lens. This lens is specially designed so that you don’t have to face the problem of fogging ever. I would say it is the most anti-fogging mask ever. Another feature of this mask is that I can easily use it while wearing my glasses.

I can wear this mask continuously for several hours because it is having a multi-directional exhaust zone. So, I never feel any problem with suffocation or difficulty in breathing. During the game, I can feel the air blowing on my face. This is highly unlikely with all the other masks available. It not only improves my game but also helps me to regain my energy. Bunkerkings CMD Paintball Goggles is one of the most breathable masks available on the market.

If you are looking for comfort, this is the mask for you. It gets fit easily around my face line and I feel it so comfortable around my ears. For communication with my partners, I feel it most suitable mask. Like, they have designed it solely for this purpose. You do not get the echo of your voice and you can listen to everyone comfortably.

Moreover, if you buy this mask, you will have an extra Goggle bag with an anti-scratch lens. One of the coolest things attached to this mask is its wide-spread chinstrap. You will feel confident in the middle of a field with a wide strap saying “Let’s Kill Suckers”. On any given day, I would like to go out and play with this Badass Paintball mask.

Bunkerkings CMD – Key Specifications

Badass Paintball Mask
Bunkerkings CMD

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9.7/10 Our Score
  • VIO thermal lens tech  
  • Hi-flow ventilation, 300% improved breathability
  • Skin smooth inner shape with tight jawline profile
  • Microfiber contact layer with Interchangeable plush BK foam
  • Anti-echo geometry with Distortion-free hearing
  • Direct communication with Direct mouth vents
  • Detailed attention to acoustics
  • Antifogging
  • Highly Comfortable
  • Ultra-Wide Chinstrap
  • Easy to use with glasses
  • No hard case for Goggles
  • Little bigger lens lock system

I will highly recommend this mask for its great breathability, highly anti-fogging, and high-quality foam features.

3. Virtue VIO (Top Paintball Mask)

Virtue VIO paintball mask is one of the most comfortable masks. It has padded foams in two different layers. Furthermore, the layer which is in contact with your ears is soft and thin foam while the inner layer is thick and hard foam. In this way, it is a great blend of softness and sturdiness. Moreover, these foams are easily replaceable.

Virtue VIO Paintball Mask
Virtue VIO

Moreover, it is having Dual Pane lenses with thermal treatment. Therefore, you enjoy complete freedom from the fog problem. Often, I wore this mask for continuous games but I did not find any fog. Because of its anti UV feature,
I am comfortable on a bright sunny day and I never got any interior reflection. Yeah, you will get some rays passing through vents. But they are negligible. Additionally, this mask is anti-scratch so you can use it with more ease.

With this mask, you have the provision of easy breathing. You may be running around but neither your lens will get fog nor you will have any difficulty in breathing. Moreover, it allows you great vision.

Furthermore, it offers you extreme protection, especially around the jawline. Mainly, it is totally helpful for those who have big faces. So, they are offered complete protection.

Virtue VIO – Key Specifications

Top Paintball Mask
 Virtue VIO

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9.5/10 Our Score
  • VIO thermal lens tech Streamlined semi-flexible facemask 
  • 3D Foam Molded Pro Pad 
  • Enlarged goggle strap 
  • Lightweight no echo ear pads 
  • 100% UV Protection fog resistant thermal lens
  • Dual Pane and Thermal lenses
  • No fogging
  • Voice Clarity
  • Great for jawline protection
  • Great with glasses
  • No hard case
  • Narrow Strap

You will face no issues with visibility, breathability, and comfort after buying this mask. So, this can be your obvious pick if you want a Dual pane thermal lens for you.

4. HK Army Paintball KLR (Unique Paintball Mask)

If you are looking for a mask that is lightweight, not very expensive, and dual pane then this should be your choice.

HK Army KLR Paintball Mask

When you are using this mask, you will have good breathability but not as good as you get with the High-End Masks. However, you will feel true comfort with this tri-layer foam.

If you want complete protection of your face then you should leave this product. I have seen this on some bigger heads but let me assure you that their jawline and foreheads are exposed a bit. So, it’s not for you if you have a bigger head or you want complete face protection.

But, if you are having a smaller or a normal head then you must go for this mask. This mask comes with a front metallic grill with its exhaust slots facing downwards. So, during the game, even if you are hit right on the front grill, you will not get any of the paint into your mouth.

I was able to change its lens very rapidly so I found it very handy in this aspect. Additionally, it offers the great clarity of a Dual Pane thermal mask.

HK Army KLR comes with a silicone strap at the back as well as a little fancy plate on the side. This small side plate adds to the jazz of this mask and makes you look cooler on the field.

HK Army KLR – Key Specifications

Unique Paintball Mask

More Images
9.3/10 Our Score
  • Tri-layer face foam 
  • Adjustable chin strap with comfort pad
  • Optically correct HD dual-pane thermal lens
  • PVT Lock quick-change lens 
  • Dual Pane and Thermal lenses
  • Antifogging
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Comparatively small in size
  • Little loose from the forehead

It is a very good pick-up for those looking for a good mask within their budget. However, I will not recommend this mask for people with bigger heads.

5. Empire EVS / Thermal Goggles (Awesome Paintball Mask)

Empire EVS Paintball mask features

This mask is designed with a very fashionable look as per modern requirements. They introduced a new feature that makes it unique from its contemporaries. They designed a spherical lens that is impeccably attached to the mask.

Empire EVS Paintball Mask
Empire EVS

It is a Dual Pane lens so highly effective against fogging. The lens offers great visibility. It encompasses a great feature of protection against UV rays which makes it handy in the sun. Moreover, paintballers enjoy great peripheral vision while using this mask. As this mask offers visibility up to 270 deg.

While wearing this mask, you can run around as it offers good breathability. It has a small grill on the front lower part which not only increases the beauty but also enhances breathability. Moreover, they offer you an option to change the front grill as well. All you need to do is just put the replaceable front cover on the grill. And, here you go. You can change the front portion of the mask according to your choice.

Another great feature of this mask is that you can very easily remove the lens. You do not want any tool for this purpose as it is very handy.

Empire EVS offers a great vision because of its wide lens so it becomes an ideal choice for those with bigger heads. It is great for breathability. By putting on this wide lens goggle, you will look like an astronaut playing in the field.

Empire EVS – Key Specifications

Awesome Paintball Mask
Empire EVS

More Images
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Triple Density face foam 
  • Distortion-free spherical lens with a 270-degree field of vision
  • Silicone Backed head-strap for a secure, non-slip fit
  • Thermo-formed ear for excellent hearing
  • Tool-free lens replacement
  • Antifogging
  • Great Peripheral vision
  • You get an echo of your voice

This mask is a very good addition but you should keep in mind that it is not very effective against condensation. Rest, you will enjoy your game while wearing this game.

6. Virtue VIO Ascend (Best Budget Paintball Mask)

This is the mask which is a blend of high-end technology with a lower price. If you want to buy a good mask within your budget; you should not hesitate to choose it.

Virtue Vio Ascend Paintball Mask
Virtue Vio Ascend

It is having a thermal lens that offers peripheral vision up to 270 deg. Once you are wearing it, you will never be jumped upon. Furthermore, it offers great clarity.

This mask is having ventilators that help the airflow circulate. Because of this feature, breathability increases tremendously. Moreover, the mask is very flexible so it offers great comfort. I found it extremely comfortable and flexible especially around the neck and ear areas.

I enjoy an added advantage with this product. That it is compatible with all my other lenses, straps, visors, and foams from the VIO family. So, it offers me great flexibility and freedom for accessory replacement.

Virtue VIO Ascend – Key Specifications

Budget Paintball Mask
Virtue Vio Ascend

More Images
9.0/10 Our Score
  • Thermal Smoke Lens 
  • Increased Coverage 
  • Flexible with Rigid Protection Zone 
  • Breathes Easier 
  • Removable Eye Foam
  • Increase Peripheral Field of View
  • Transmits Voice Better
  • Quick-Change Lens
  • Non-Polarized lens
  • Little loose even when tightened to maximum

If you want to enter a pro-level tournament but you do not want to spend the money for a high-end mask; go for it. It offers you great flexibility in this price range.

7. JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and Face Coverage (Best Paintball Helmet)

If you are a safety-conscious person looking for a mask that will offer you maximum protection; your thirst ends here. It provides you with complete face and head protection. Still, there is a little chance that your ear lobes are unprotected. Only, if you have a bigger head. Else, it is a very tight and nice fit, especially for the kids so this is a very good paintball mask for the kids.

JT Spectra Flex 8 Paintball Mask
JT Spectra Flex 8

Full protection comes at a cost. You have to let go of little peripheral vision. You can’t look through the extreme edges.

This mask is having ventilators that help the airflow circulate. Because of this feature, you get good breathability. Moreover, the mask is very flexible so it offers great comfort. I found it extremely comfortable and flexible especially around the neck and ear areas.

This mask does not fog easily, you can wear it on rainy days or humid summer evenings, and you will have no issue with fog.

JT Spectra – Key Specifications

Best Paintball Helmet
JT Spectra Flex 8

More Images
8.5/10 Our Score
  • 260 deg FOV
  • Unique Venting with Co-molding system
  • Full Head Coverage 
  • Includes removable Visor
  • Offers complete protection
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Anti-fogging
  • Time taking visor removal
  • It does not go with glasses
  • Little heavier than average

You will not find a mask in this price range that is anti-fogging and offers complete protection. You should not hesitate to buy this mask as it is a very good choice concerning safety issues.

8. Empire Paintball X-Ray Single Lens Goggle (Best Cheap Paintball Mask)

If you are wearing glasses then this mask is a definitely No for you. However, if you are an average size head person and want a cheap mask, you have got it.

Empire X-ray Paintball Mask
Empire X-ray

The visibility of the mask is pretty OK and it is having a single pane lens. Therefore, you will expect that this mask will give you a fogging problem. But fortunately, it does not fog easily. So, you are getting a pretty good mask for a very competitive price.

It is repeatedly observed that the louvered vents on the mask are good for breathability. You can easily wear this mask and run around yelling and shouting comfortably. However, there is a little drawback with these vents. There is a small chance that if you are hit right on the vent, you will get a splash on your face. But, what is life without taking a smaller risk?

I will give you another great piece of advice which you will appreciate in due time. Once, you are using this mask, keep wipes with you to clean the paint splashes. You will find the clarity increasing at a tremendous rate. After the game, you need to spend some extra time cleaning your lens.

Empire X-Ray – Key Specifications

Best Cheap Paintball Mask
Empire X-ray

More Images
8.0/10 Our Score
  • Anti-Fog Single Clear Lens 
  • Solid Face plate 
  • Adjustable straps 
  • Louvered Vents
  • Light & Comfortable
  • Best for the price
  • Anti-fogging
  • Non-Removal visor/cleaning is pretty tough
  • Not suitable for bigger heads / with glasses

This is a very good buy if you are looking for a good mask for a decent price. It will not fog easily and it is very comfortable. So, if you are at a beginner level and do not want to spend a fortune, grab it.

9. VForce Armor Field vision Gen 3 (Good Paintball Mask)

If you are a beginner and you want a low-profile mask, stop right here. You have reached your destination.

V Force Paintball Mask
V Force

You will never expect a spherical lens available at this price. This spherical lens will offer you great clarity of vision. With this mask, I was amazed to see that I did not face any kind of distortion in my vision at all. Moreover, its single-pane lens is thermally treated so say goodbye to the fogging problem. Additionally, this lens is scratch resistance so you can be tension-free on the field.

This mask is doing fine with breathability. It is not great but still, it is easily manageable. You can wear it comfortably if you are a beginner or don’t play a lot.

This mask will provide you an edge over your opponents in terms of time-saving. You can very easily replace the visor in the field in very little time.

V Force Armored – Key Specifications

Good Paintball Mask
V Force

More Images
8.0/10 Our Score
  • Low Profile Ergonomics
  • Optically Correct
  • Quick Change, Non-Fog Lens System
  • Durable, Scratch Resistant
  • Ultimate in this price
  • Lightweight
  • Spherical lens with no distortion
  • Easy to replace the lens
  • Not suitable with glasses

This mask is ideal for beginners or for those guys who don’t play a lot. You will not find such a good mask in this price range.

10. Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle (Lightest / Coolest Paintball Mask)

This mask is designed especially for pro-level players. It is one of the lightest high-end masks available. Therefore, the price is a little towards the upper limit. But, the ranges of features that you enjoy with this mask are true value for your money.

Dye I4 Paintball Mask
Dye I4

The lens of this mask is thermally treated so it is highly anti-fog. It offers you great clarity in all kinds of temperatures and weather.

No matter how hard you play, you will not face any breathability issues with this mask. Therefore, you can easily pick up this mask if you are a pro-level player.

I have put this mask nonstop for a couple of games but never felt a thing. Mainly, this is because of its lightweight. Secondly, the importance given to the comfort of this mask is matchless. You feel so comfortable wearing this mask that you feel getting addicted to this one. It is extremely comfortable, lightweight, and flexible.

Dye I4 – Key Specifications

Coolest Paintball Mask
Dye I4

More Images
9.2/10 Our Score
  • Anti-Fog Thermal Lens
  • Rapid Lens Change
  • Great Peripheral Vision
  • Tiger Teeth Strap System
  • Dual Pane Thermal / Anti-Fogging Lens
  • Anti-Scratch / Anti UV
  • Easy to replace the lens
  • Smallest / Lightest
  • Extremely comfortable and breathable
  • Smaller size / Ears and Chin are not covered completely

This is the ultimate choice for those who want to spend some money on a real deal. Believe me; you will not regret spending some extra bucks for the mask of your choice. Just get it and you will be able to neutralize many threats in the field.

How to select Best & Awesome Paintball Mask

How to play Paintball

You may be a pro or you may be picking up Paintball as a new hobby. Rest assured, you do not want to compromise on the quality of your accessories. You want the best for yourself. For this purpose, we will navigate you through all the factors which will help you to build this understanding. A paintball is moving at a tremendous speed of an average of 280 fps which is almost equal to an average of 180 miles per hour. At least, I don’t want to bruise myself with this fast-moving projectile. And, I expect the same from you.

You want complete protection for the most delicate and most presentable parts of your body; your face and your head. You want the best mask for yourself. Therefore, before ordering one for you, just have a glance at all these factors.

1. Quality Vs Price

Remember, the most expensive mask is not the best available. So, before buying one, sail through its salient features, make a comparison and then buy according to your requirements. Don’t go around just throwing your money out. Think twice before ordering one. You should have a soft, flexible, durable, and long-lasting mask. If you can get it with a warranty as well, it will be a cherry on top.

a) Comfort

Before anything else, your top priority should be the most comfortable mask for yourself. Paintball is a challenging game and you may have to play for several hours. So, if you are not comfortable then you can’t enjoy it to the fullest. Your mask should not be too tight or too loose. It should fit well on your head and you should not have a requirement to adjust it after every while.

b) Lightweight

Your mask should be lightweight. Else, your head and your neck will be easily tired from its weight. Ideally, it should weigh less than 2 lbs. If you want to buy a bigger one, which should cover your complete head and ears for safety reasons. It will give you more protection but at the cost of weight.

c) Foam Padding

The inner lining of your mask should be carrying soft foam padding. This padding should be high quality so that it can absorb your perspiration and keep you comfortable. Some masks come with cheap padding. Watch out, you will end up with a lot of moisture, fogging, and an itchy feeling.

Paintball mask Strap

d) Straps

Your mask should have an adjustable strap. If it comes with a double strap, it’s more convenient. Even, a single wide strap can suffice your requirements. You want your helmet fixed with your head.

e) Ventilation

If your mask is having high-quality vents, it will re-circulate the air. So, the inner surface of the lens will be getting fresh air from outside. As a result, fogging will reduce. Moreover, you will not feel suffocated during the game.

2. Visibility

As they say, you cannot fight the enemy if you cannot see it. Therefore, never compromise on the visibility of your mask. Else, you will be finishing the game with a sorrowful and long face.

a) Peripheral Vision

A good paintball mask must offer great visibility from the edges as well. So that, you can maintain focus on your surroundings as well. As a thumb rule, you should buy a mask with a minimum of 270 deg peripheral vision.

Paintball Lens
Paintball Lens

b) Lens

A top-quality mask contains a spherical mask with clarity in vision. However, a cheap mask is flat and thin.

c) Anti-Fogging

Let’s suppose that you buy a mask that fogs after a while. Now, you will be in the middle of the field unable to see anything. You will be a sitting duck for your adversaries. You never want this situation. Therefore, always buy a mask that does not fog.

d) Thermal Treatment

Normally, all good quality paintball goggles come with Thermal Treatment lenses. These masks don’t fog both indoors and outdoors. So, consider this factor as well.

e) Anti-Scratch

You are spending a good fortune on a mask. So, you don’t want it to be scratchy after a couple of games. Not only, it will look hideous but also it will compromise your vision.

f) Anti UV/ Glare Mask

Your mask should have a feature of colored and chromatic lenses. It will help you especially outdoors. It will block harmful UV rays and you will not have any glare.

g) Single / Dual Pane Lenses

If you are a beginner and do not want to spend a lot of money, then my recommendation for you is a single pane lens. As, these lenses are cheap, easy to clean, and handy to replace. But, they should have the antifogging feature. Else, you are wasting your money.

On the contrary, a Dual-pane lens is an excellent choice. Especially, for those who are pro-level players because these masks don’t get foggy easily. They are a little more delicate and they need extra care from you. You have to clean their inner pane regularly.

h) Lens Replacement Time

In the middle of the game, if your mask gets paint spots or it’s getting foggy or it’s broken. Then, you have to replace it on the field. You want to spend minimum time so that you can maintain your edge on your opponents. A good mask will allow you to replace the lens in seconds, not even in minutes.

3. Hearing

a) Ear Protection

A good mask should be covering your ears completely. This will protect your ears from taking any direct hit. Your inner ear and eardrums are quite sensitive organs. So, you have to protect them. Additionally, it is cumbersome to clear your ears from the paint after the game so better to take care in advance. So, your mask should have soft padding around your ears.

b) Communication

Additionally, your mask should not be too tight or too loose around your ears. As both issues will directly affect your hearing ability. You have to communicate with your team members. Moreover, you have to listen around to build good Situational awareness.

4. Style

Although, the looks and style of a mask are not necessary features. But, in my personal opinion, Paintball is a Show-off game. Once you enter the field, you should be wearing the most badass paintball mask. It should be an awesome, coolest, and unique paintball mask. It should match your complete attire. You should be remembered by the looks of your mask.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Normally, all high-end masks come with an anti-fog feature. If you are a pro-level player, try to buy a Thermal Dual Pane Anti Fog lens. It will solve your problem for good. Otherwise, if you are going for a cheap mask or a rental mask, you will be in trouble again and again. So, spend wisely.

There are numerous masks available in the market. Remember, you do not have to just follow any brand. I recommend that you first go through our Buying Guide to make sure which mask you want. Then, pick up the mask of your choice from our Top 10 paintball masks.

The easiest way to clean a mask is by using water and a clean microfiber cloth. Additionally, you can find many paintball lens cleaners at a very comfortable price. But use only recommended products. Don’t use any other cleaner else you may face the problem of scratches and fog.

Anti-Fog visors come with a coating that will solve the problem for you. But the percentage of anti-fog depends mainly on the quality of the used coating.

However, the Thermal lens is a High-End technology that uses a thermally treated Dual Pane lens. They ensure a small gap between two lenses which completely solves the problem of fogging.

Hence, a Thermal lens is a preferred choice over an Anti-Fog lens.

If you are wearing glasses and you want to keep them during the play. Then, make sure that you buy that mask that allows the option of wearing glasses. There are many masks which are bigger so you are comfortable wearing glasses with them. However, if you buy some other mask that does not support glasses then you will end up in trouble. You will face undue pressure around your ears and also your glasses will get fog easily.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the most suitable mask for you is an important decision in your paintball journey. You should keep all these factors in mind before placing an order. I hope that now you are learned enough to make the best decision for yourself. I want that you should be having the Best Paintball Mask. So that, once you enter the field, you can play fearlessly up to the maximum of your potential. You should not have any worries regarding safety vis-a-vis visibility. Happy Hunting!!!!!!!!


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