Best Paintball Pods-Paintball Pod Pack, Holders & Tubes 2023

Paintball is a very mobile game in which you need to make quick decisions and act in a fraction of seconds. During an intense game, the most unfortunate thing that could ever happen to you is that you run out of paintball supply. This would not only distract you but also drastically increase your losing chances. Therefore, you need to have the Best Paintball Pods for yourself.

Out of many Paintball Pods in the market, buy those Paintball Holders or Paintball Pod packs that are proven Best paintball pods.

For a paintball player, having a good marker or excellent protective gear would surely enhance your performance but if you want to ensure victory, then you would need to have the best paintball pods with you. Now, it is very critical to choose good paintball pods which cover all your needs.

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Best Paintball Pods-Paintball Pod Pack

To help you out in making the correct decision, I have reviewed 11 different products down here. You would surely find one which perfectly suits your needs. Otherwise, our buying guide will pave way for you if you want to go on the hunting journey on your own.

Image Product Details   Price
HK Army HSTL 150 Round Paintball Pod HK Army HSTL Brand: HK Army
6 Pack
150 Round
Check Price
Maddog 150 Rounds Bones Paintball Pod Maddog 150 Round Bones Brand: Maddog
6 Pack
150 Round
Check Price
Virtue PF165 Paintball Pod Virtue PF165 Brand: HK Virtue
3 Color
160+ Round
Check Price
Bunkerkings ESC Paintball Pod Bunkerkings ESC Brand: Bunker kings
8 Pack
140 Round
Check Price
HK Army High Capacity Pods HK Army High Capacity Brand: HK Army
6 Pack
165 Round
Check Price
Dye Alpha 150 rounds Paintball Pod Dye Alpha 150 Round Brand: Dye
6 Pack
150 Round
Check Price
GXG New 6 100 rounds Paintball Pod GXG New 6 100 Round Brand: GXG
6 Pack
100 Round
Check Price
Empire 10 round tubes Paintball Pod Empire Paintball 10 Round Brand: Empire
10 Pack
10 Tubes / Pack
Check Price
Dye Precision 160 Paintball Pod Dye Precision Locklid 160 Round Brand: Dye
6 Pack
160 Round
Check Price
Valken 140 rounds Paintball Pod Valken 140 Round Flick Brand: Valken
4 Pack
140 Round
Check Price
Empire 10 round tubes tethered cap Paintball Pod Empire Tube Tethered Cap Brand: Empire
20 Pack
10 Round / Pack
Check Price

Paintball Pods-Reviews

1. HK Army HSTL 150 Round Paintball Pods


Best Paintball Pods
HK Army HSTL 150 Round Paintball Pod

  • Brand: HK Army Paintball
  • 6 Pack
  • 150 Round
  • Black color
  • Spring-loaded lid
  • Grooved thumb
  • Compatible with any harness

HK Army is a well-known brand in the world of paintball, and like their other paintball gears, these paintball pods are among the best available out there. They come in a pack of 6, each having the capacity of approximately 150 rounds.

If you have ever entered any paintball arena, then you would have a good idea about how little time you want your pods to take, to be refilled. This trouble was gone when I used these HK Army HSTL 150 Round Paintball Pods while playing.

These pods come with a spring-loaded lid which took me no time to refill my paintball into the pods. Moreover, the enlarged thumb groove and contorted lid not only increased my grip on the pods but also saved my paint from spilling on the ground while playing.

With black color, these pods are capable of carrying large loads. Also, these paintball pods are compatible with a variety of harnesses.

  • Sturdy material
  • The capacity of 150 rounds
  • Amazing grip
  • Very convenient to refill
  • Size might be bulky

Overall, this is an amazing product and is on the top of our list for a reason. You can easily refill these pods without having to take your eyes off your opponent. So, if the size is not an issue for you, then close your eyes and buy these paintball pods.

2. Maddog 150 Round Bones Paintball Pods


Paintball Pod
Maddog 150 Rounds Bones Paintball Pod

  • Brand: Maddog
  • 5 colors available
  • 6 pack/ 48 pack
  • Gradually raised ‘bones’ grips
  • Intended thumb tab
  • Capacity is 150 rounds
  • Solid construction
  • Spring-loaded flip top
  • Durable propylene composition

If you are a paintball player then you must have heard the name of Maddog, as it manufactures many components of paintball armor.  Just like other high-quality gears, these Maddog 150 round bones paintball pods are among the best quality ones.

With the capacity of 150 rounds per pack, they come in two different sizes, one is 6-pack and the other is 48-pack. Moreover, they offer five colors to select from which is cool.

The material used in the making of these pods is pure durable polypropylene which enables the pod’s high strength and hence a reliable performance. With no collar and compact creation, they give highly consistent performance.

The feature which inspired me the most while using these pods is that they have bone grips and an intended thumb tab that aided me to load these pods without looking. Moreover, it does not create any size issue as they fit all standard paintball harnesses.

  • Gives great grip
  • Enable faster, no-look reloads
  • Durable composition
  • Affordable
  • Spring-loaded top
  • Fits all standard harnesses
  • Few lids may not be up to the mark

If you need very strong paintball pods with great storage and that too at a reasonable price, then Maddog 150 round bones paintball pods got you covered. If you are a professional player, then these pods would give you everything you need and if not, then these would surely enhance your performance in the arena.

3. Virtue PF165 Press Flick Locking Lid Paintball Pods


Paintball Holders
Virtue PF165 Paintball Pod

Virtue PF165
  • Brand: Virtue Paintball Store
  • Come in three colors
  • Robust material
  • The capacity of 160+ balls
  • Intuitive press flick locking system
  • Slightly huge size
  • Ribbed ends to resist slipping

This is the most unique option on this list. With a unique press flick locking lid, these pods are relatively huge than others and give more capacity. This intuitive press flick locking system makes it very easy for players to refill the pods while playing without much hassle.

Normally, paintball pods offer a capacity of holding 140 paintballs however, these Virtue Press Flick Locking Lid Paintball Pods extend the capacity giving room for 160+ balls per pod. Due to this feature, I never run out of paint while playing on the battlefield for long hours.

Moreover, another impressive feature of these pods is that they are designed with very tough material and hence are very durable and lightweight. Hence, if you want high capacity without much weight, then these can be the best option for you. Moreover, if you use these with proper care, they can last with you for hours.

 These Virtue PS 165 Press Flick Locking Lid Paintball Pods come in a variety of colors like cyan, lime, and red. So, if you are a color freak, then these would give you enough room to choose from.

One thing to be considered here is that these pods are a bit expensive as compared to other paintball pods. However, given such amazing features, these are worth every penny.

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Spontaneous and easy-to-use tab
  • Relatively expensive option

To sum up, if you need huge capacity with lightweight pods, and budget is not a point of concern, then this is one of the best options you can go for.

4. Bunkerkings ESC Paintball Pods


Bunker kings Paintball Pods
Bunkerkings ESC Paintball Pod

Bunkerkings ESC
  • Brand: Bunkerkings
  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • No-slip lid
  • Come in a variety of colors

If you are looking for paintball pods that come with style and amazing grip, then Bunkerkings got you covered. These Bunkerkings ESC Paintball Pods are one of the most easy-to-use, stylish, and efficient options on this list. Generally, these pods come in a packing of 8, each having the capacity of 140 paintballs.

 If you talk about its construction, then these paintball pods would never disappoint you as they are made up of high-quality plastic which not only makes them more robust and reliable but also gives you maximum strength and keeps your paintballs safe.

The feature that inspired me the most is the lid. The lids of these paintball pods come with a wide thumb groove that did not let it open and hence it defied my paintball from slipping even when I was in the harshest of battles. Moreover, there is foam cushion padding done on the lid which almost nullifies the rattling noise.

Another impressive feature of these pods is the grip they offer. With a dust-coated texture grip, you never have to worry about losing your grip on these pods while playing for long hours. Furthermore, they come in a variety of colors and are semi-transparent.

  • Stylish design
  • Strapless packs
  • Robust design
  • Reliable lid
  • Relatively expensive option

With highly reliable performance, these pods give ample capacity for your day-long game. Although, some people may find it an expensive option, yet their performance is unquestionable.

5. HK Army High-Capacity Pods – Paintball Container


Paintball Container
HK Army High Capacity Pods

HK Army High
  • Brand: HK Army
  • 165 rounds capacity
  • 6-pack
  • Spring-loaded lid
  • Push-button lock
  • Anti-slip texture
  • Fits all harnesses

This is another HK Army product. If you are looking for stylish paintball pods with high capacity, then these HK Army High-Capacity Pods can meet your needs.

They come typically in black color with the stylish textured anti-slip design which enhances your grip on the pods and keeps your paint safe from slipping on the battlefield. Moreover, the locking lid makes sure that the pods never get open even when you find yourself in an intense battle while paintballing.

The best thing I found out about these paintball pods is that they come with a spring-loaded lid. Due to this, I was able to quickly refill the paint, with only one hand and that too without looking and so, I did not have to shift my vision from my opponent. Hence, these paintball pods enhanced my performance on the field.

Made of durable material, these pods can carry large loads with good support. Also, they give a high capacity of about 165 rounds which is larger than offered by other ordinary paintball pods. 

  • High capacity
  • Stylish look
  • Spring-loaded lid
  • Offers good grip
  • Sturdy material
  • Lid buttons take time to work smoothly

If you want to look stylish and like a professional player, then go for these pods. They will not only enhance your performance on the field but also give you a very trendy look.

6. Dye Alpha 150 Round Paintball Pods


Paintball Pods
Dye Alpha 150 rounds Paintball Pod

Dye Alpha 150
  • Brand: DYE
  • 150-round capacity
  • 6-pack
  • Made of Propylene material
  • Snap lid
  • Variety of colors
  • Compatible with any harness

Another good option on the list is this DYE Alpha 150 Rounds Paintball Pods. As the name suggests, these pods can carry up to 150 pods and come in a pack of 6.

The most noticeable feature of these pods is the lid system. They do not come with collars, but they contain a snap lid nicely placed on the top. With this, I did not have to worry about the unnecessary spilling of my paint while I was playing in the paintball arena. I found this a very innovative design in paintball pods, and it helped me improve my game.

These DYE Alpha 150 Round Paintball Pods are made up of high-quality propylene material which makes them very sturdy and able to withstand any harshest of situations. Moreover, with a streamlined look, they look very elegant.

These paintball pods offer a variety of colors to choose from. Furthermore, they are compatible with a lot of harnesses.

  • Do not feel over bulky
  • Streamline look
  • Sturdy pods
  • Hardly allows to spill paint
  • No collars

Overall, this is a very good choice to make if you are looking for cost-efficient and high-capacity paintball pods.

7. GXG New 6 100 Round Paintball Speed Tubes Pods


Paintball Podpack
GXG New 6 100 rounds Paintball Pod

  • Brand: GXG
  • Black Color
  • 100 rounds
  • 6-pack
  • 75in long
  • Fits perfectly

If all you need is paintball pods to carry an ample amount of ammo with you without hindering your mobility, then these are the pods you need. The GXG New 6 100 Round Paintball Speed Tubes Pods are made up of a very convenient and streamlined design that helps you enhance your gaming experience.

With enabling you to fill 400+ rounds, these pods helped me to step into the paintball field with confidence. And rightly expected, these pods did not let me down when it came to having the ammo supply. Furthermore, with an exceptional style, these paintball pods outstand others.

These are relatively hard pods which is both a pro and con of these pods. With incredible hardness, they did not allow any paint to slip on the ground unnecessarily. Moreover, the lid is pretty easy to open and get the pods refilled with paint while playing.

These GXG New 6 100 Round Paintball Speed Tubes Pods are made up of high-quality durable plastic material. Moreover, the size of these pods is small so that you can carry them in your pocket as well, without any harness.

  • Excellent quality
  • Did not hinder mobility
  • The lid is hard to open

To conclude, if you want to have a huge capacity with a robust design, then these pods are good to go for you. If you are willing to give time to the lid to get open, there is no other reason to not select these pods.

8. Empire Paintball 10 Round Tubes w/ Caps 


Best Pod pack
Empire 10 round tubes Paintball Pod

  • Brand: Empire
  • 10-packs
  • 10 round tubes
  • Compatible for paintball guns/pistols
  • Best for meg-fed players
  • Easy to reload

This is another product highly reliable product on our list that comes with caps. The Empire Paintball 10 Round Tubes have a unique design, containing caps and are capable of holding 0.86 caliber paintballs.

Made of high-quality material, these paintball pods provide adequate durability and can last with you for a long time if used with care. With the capacity of 10 paintballs per pod, they give you ample ammo for your mid-level paintball games.

I have found these The Empire Paintball 10 Round Tubes very lightweight as they did never bother me while playing. However, when I got into an intense game, the lids did not remain honest, and I lost a few of my supplies.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable design
  • Quick reload
  • Best for beginners/ mid-level players
  • Lids might pop open

These Empire Paintball 10 Round Tubes come with caps and are perfect for you if you are a beginner or mid-level paintball player. Moreover, these work best with paintball pistols. So, if you do not usually find yourself in intense paintball battles then hopefully, these pods would fulfill your needs.

9. Dye Precision Locklid 160 Round Pods Paintball


Pods Paintball
Dye Precision 160 Paintball Pod

Dye Precision
  • Brand: DYE Store
  • 2 available colors
  • 160 rounds capacity
  • 6 pack
  • Latch system
  • User friendly
  • Secure grip
  • Easy reloading

This is one of my favorite paintball pods on this list. Dye Precision Locklid 160 Round Paintball Pods come with so aesthetically sound design that I just couldn’t resist trying them out. With two available colors, you can choose which attracts you.

As compared to other paintball pods, these pods give a relatively high storage capacity of 160 paintball pallets. The lids are slightly bigger than others and can easily be opened when you pull them down. Moreover, the secure latch system ensures that the paint does not spill unnecessarily on the ground.

The feature that inspired me, is that the material used in the making of these pods is highly sturdy which makes these paintball pods very durable and lightweight at the same time. Furthermore, these pods offer a very quick and easy refill making them very useful while playing.

  • Stylish design
  • Sturdy pods
  • High capacity
  • Highly secure
  • Lids may open with random bumps

In short, if you are not much into intense paintballing and can bear the loss of a few paintball pallets, then these pods can be a good addition to your paintball armor.

10. Valken Paintball 140 Round Cheap Paintball Pods


Cheap Paintball Pods
Valken 140 rounds Paintball Pod

  • Brand: Valken
  • 140 rounds capacity
  • 4-pack
  • Spring-loaded locking system
  • Flip lids
  • Made of plastic
  • Fit any harness

This is a product giving you the best possible features at the said price. With the capacity of 140 rounds, these Valken Paintball Round Flick Lid Pods offer enough room for paintballs for a day-long game.

The outer design is very robust and is made up of high-quality plastic. Due to this, they are very sturdy pods and are also lightweight, enhancing your mobility on the field. The design also offers additional grip to ensure that they stay in place while you are playing on the field.

The most incredible feature of these Valken Paintball 140 Round Flick Lid Pods is its spring-loaded locking system. With this, I have never found my paint ever falling on the ground even in harsh situations. Moreover, I did not find any difficulty in opening the lids to refill the pods while playing. As it took me very little time to refill them while keeping a focus on my game.

Not only a user-friendly design but also the amazing style of these pods convinced me to add them to this list. If you need a few pods to enhance your performance on the field, these can be the best paintball pods for you.

  • Economical option
  • High capacity
  • Secure locking
  • Easy to maintain
  • Does not offer 6 pieces pack

To sum up, with reasonable features, this is the best product you can get at this price. If all you need is good-quality pods to enhance your performance, then go with these.

11. Empire 10 Round Tube with Tethered Speed Cap


Paintball Container
Empire 10 round tubes tethered cap Paintball Pod

  • Brand: Empire
  • 20-pack
  • 10 rounds
  • Cap type pods
  • Sleek design
  • Made of plastic


The last product on our list is Empire 10 Round Tube with Tethered Speed Cap type paintball pods. The most unique feature of these pods is that they come with a cap and have a unique design.

With a very sleek design, these paintball pods can carry 10 rounds of paintball pods which is enough for a medium-level game. If you are not into professional paintballing, then these might meet your requirements pretty easily.

The uniqueness of these paintball pods rests in the cap design. A very few pods are designed in this fashion. I have found this cap system relatively easy to operate while playing. However, due to this cap, the paintball is more prone to falling on the ground and getting wasted. With a streamlined design, the size of these Empire 10 Round Tube with Tethered Speed Cap type paintball pods is small making it easy for you to carry them while paintballing

  • Durable
  • Best for mag-fed type
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Easily maintainable
  • Caps may pop open

Having said all this, if you are a beginner paintballer or a mid-level player, these Empire 10 Round Tube with Tethered Speed Cap type paintball pods might meet your needs. However, you must look properly for the paint leakage part if you are planning to use these frequently.

How to choose Best Paintball Pods? Paintball Holders & Tubes

Best Paintball Pods Buying Guide

By now, you would have had a good idea about different paintball pods and how critical they are for your performance on the ground. Also, you must have seen that every brand manufacture paintball pods with different pros and cons so you must have a good idea of the critical features to look for while deciding to buy any pod.

Despite your gaming level and budget, there are some crucial features that you must never overlook before buying any paintball pods for yourself. Down below, I have listed some of those features that you must consider.

1. Capacity of Paintball Pods

The most important and basic reason for keeping paintball pods with you while playing is to never run out of supplies during the game. Hence, it is critically important to look for the capacity any pod is offering before buying them.

Select the pods which give high capacity

Generally, most of the pods come with a capacity of 140 pallets. However, there are others too which give more or less capacity. For instance, we have seen a few paintball pods above giving the capacity of 160 rounds.

For choosing this feature, you must look at your firing pace and level of the game. as, for some people, 100 paintball pallets might be enough for a few hours while for others, they might not even stay for like half an hour.

So, this is a subjective choice. And you should choose this vitally.

2. Access to ammo

Another main aim of adding paintball pods in your paintballing kit is to have quick and easy access to the ammunition. You would never want to have such an experience where you have to miss a shot just because you did not have easy and fast access to your paintball pallets while you had them in the pods.

So, always go for pods that come with highly user-friendly and easy-to-use designs. That minimizes your effort of getting access to your paintballs. This is done by having an easy-to-open lid on the top of the pods. Furthermore, you should look for pods that offer easy refilling options.

3. Lid Operning of Paintball Tubes

As discussed earlier, you must always have the fastest possible access to your ammunition with easy lid opening but this is not as simple as it seems.

Whenever the lid of any paintball pod opens up easily with a slight bump, there is a risk attached to it. This property of the lid might prove to be the reason your paintballs spill over the ground while you are busy playing paintball. 

Hence, you must critically check and do not go for the pods whose lid gets open with a false jerk. This might ruin your ammunition.

4. Weight of Pods / Paintball Holder

Although it might not seem very critical undoubtedly, whenever you are adding another gear to your paintball kit, you must consider its weight. As mobility is the key in this game, you would never want to have so much weight on yourself which hinders your mobility.

Hence, it is important to go for lightweight options. But keep in mind, this feature of being lightweight must not affect other important specifications of the pods. 

5. Strength of Paintball Container

Generally, most of the paintball pods are made up of plastic giving a reasonable amount of strength. However, as you know, paintballing is a very energetic game in which you have to undergo very difficult situations and bear even the hardest of blows at times.

You can easily find paintball pods made of high-quality plastic or even propylene (which is way more robust than plastic) in the above-reviewed articles.

You must always go for the options which offer the highest possible strength. 

6. Your Pocket vis-a-vis your choice

Last but not least. Your pocket plays an important role in making any decision related to purchasing something.

Among all the other paintballing gears, these paintball pods are the cheapest gear to invest in. However, they break easily or get lost which means they are certainly not going to last long with you.

Hence, loom for such issues before investing in paintball pods.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

While playing paintball, you must have an undisrupted supply of paintball pallets. Nobody would ever want to run out of ammunition in the middle of the game. Hence, to keep extra ammunition with yourself before entering the paintball field, paintball pods are used.

They are rigid round shaped containers that hold paint. And you can use that when you need.

Of course, like other paintball gears, you must also clean the paintball pods after using them and keep them ready to be used again. Otherwise, a bad, stingy odor will be produced in them.

For cleaning purposes, you can either wash them separately or you can also wash them in the washing machine with other gears. However, the necessary precautionary measures should be taken before doing so.

It entirely depends on the level of your game and your attacking/firing pace. For instance, 100 paintball pallets can last from 15 minutes to 3 hours depending on the players using them.

Generally, paintball pods come with the capacity of 140 rounds however there are others with 160 rounds or even more/less.  


No matter what level player you are, it is critically important to have the best paintball pods/tubes or paintball pod container/ holder in your kit, as they would undoubtedly enhance your performance on the field. It is a very big support to have extra supplies with you and you will feel the difference once you start using them.

I am sure that no matter which product you choose from the above-reviewed list, you are surely going to have an amazing gaming experience on the field. Even if you do not choose from the list, after reading my Buying Guide you now have enough knowledge to make the right decision.

Hence, critically analyze your needs and then go for the best suitable option for you.

Get those best paintball pods for yourself and help yourself take your paintballing experience to a whole new level.

Cheers and have fun!

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