Best Paintball Protective Gear 2023- Paintball Jerseys & Chest Protector

Protection is the first and the most important thing when it comes to paintball. You would not know the importance of the Best Paintball Protective Gear if you haven’t stepped into the paintball field in your entire life, but, if you have ever played paintball even once, then you would surely have a good idea about how critical it is to have your body well protected while paintballing.

If you want Best Paintball Protective Gear for the upper body, you definitely need Best Paintball Jerseys and Chest Protectors. Get a Padded Paintball Shirt, Padded Jersey, or a chest protector to save you on a bad day.

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Best Paintball Protective Gear

Generally, Paintball is a relatively safe game to play. But, you never know. It can get messy on any given day. Either, you disregard the Paintball Rules or maybe your opponent has no respect for the arena and he chooses to play dirty by shooting you at a very close range. If it happens and you are hit on your upper body, you will be in real agony.

To ensure the complete safety of players, Paintball involves various protective gears but in this article, I have focused on the protection of the upper body. For other specific items related to Best Paintball Protective gear, you can have a look at all other items covered individually in our well-researched blogs.

I know that no paintball field will ever let you play without the Paintball Mask so the only upper body parts exposed to the Paintball hits are your Chest and Abdomen area. And, if you are hit there, you will definitely feel a lot of pain.

If you are picking Paintball as a hobby, do get a Paintball Jersey for yourself which can save you. However, if you want to be a regular player then definitely, you should get a Paintball Chest Protector as well.

Best Paintball Jerseys

Having the best paintball jersey would cover and secure your body in the most stylish way possible. After ensuring your safety, you can perfectly play and counter the attacks of your opponents.

I have selected the five Best Paintball Jerseys for you based on my experience. These are tried and tested so if you decide to choose either of these products, you will feel an extreme level of safety and protection.

Image Product Details   Price
planet eclipse HDE jersey camo Planet Eclipse HDE Jersey Brand: Planet Eclipse
Anti-snag material
Check Price
hk army hstl line paintball jersey HK Army HSTL Line Paintball Jersey Brand: HK Army
Padding at shoulder, chest & elbows
Check Price
planet eclipse overload jersey gen2 Planet Eclipse Overload Jersey Gen2 Brand: Planet Eclipse
Breathable material
Check Price
HK Army Freeline 2021 Jersey HK Army Freeline 2021 Jersey Brand: HK Army
Highly vented material
Check Price
planet eclipse fantam paintball jersey Planet Eclipse FANTM Paintball Jersey Brand: Planet Eclipse
Washable in a washing machine
Check Price

1. Planet Eclipse HDE – Best Paintball Jersey

  • Breathable
  • Intensely padded
  • Good venting
  • Durable
  • Not very comfy for beginners

The first product I have decided to put on this list is Planet Eclipse HDE Jersy. As planet eclipse’s other products, I have found this jersey as one of the most comfortable and promising products which are worth the money.

I have found this jersey as one of the most lightweight jerseys all and this is due to the material it is made of. The exceptional anti-snag material that is used in this jersey is what makes it the most lightweight and durable among all.

The best thing about the jersey is its enhanced and extra padding. It comes with intense padding at the critical areas of your body for enhanced safety. Chest, shoulders, and forearms, all these areas of your body are well protected with Planet Eclipse HDE Jersy. However, this intense padding does not make the jersey heavy or bulky.


planet eclipse HDE jersey

  • Brand: Planet Eclipse
  • Anti-snag material
  • Padding on chest and arms
  • Shoulder padding

Overall, if you need to ensure your safety in the paintball arena then this Planet Eclipse HDE Jersy would never disappoint you. moreover, you need not invest in the elbow pads after having this jersey on.

2. HK Army HSTL Line – Cheap Paintball Jersey

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable material
  • Comfortable and easily manageable
  • Affordable
  • No padding over the belly area

The next product on the list is HK Army HSTL Line Paintball Jersey. Unlike other HK Army products, this jersey is found to be very economical. However, this does not mean that they have compromised on the quality or features of the jersey.

The HK Army HSTL Line Paintball Jersey has a V-neck which makes it easy for you to pass your head through this n matter how big it may be. This jersey perfectly sits on your body and protects you from the incoming paintball hits and other difficult situations with comfort.

The feature which impressed me the most is its perfect padding. Soft padding is done with exceptionally comfortable material at the right places where it is needed. My chest, shoulders, and elbows were completely covered with the padded patches leaving the belly area free. This gave me extreme comfort and liberty to move freely.

This jersey is completely hand-sewn and is made with a very breathable material which makes it highly breathable and easily manageable. Even after playing with this jersey, I didn’t get any wet inside as the breathability factor ensured the airflow.


hk army hstl line paintball jersey

  • Brand: HK Army
  • 7 sizes available
  • V-neck
  • Padding at shoulder, chest & elbows
  • Hand-sewn

This HK Army HSTL Line Paintball Jersey is manufactured keeping in mind the ease and protection you would need on the paintball arena. Overall, if you prefer comfort and mobility over padding then this can prove to be the best choice for you.

3. Planet Eclipse Overload Gen 2- Padded Paintball Jersey

  • Flexible
  • Comfy
  • Breathable
  • Ensure safety
  • Sizing may be smaller than said

The next jersey you can have a look at is Planet Eclipse Overload Jersy Gen2. This is one of the products which has been manufactured while taking special care of the style and aesthetics along with other features.

This jersey is made up of extremely comfy and breathable material. Due to this, I have had the most congenial experience playing in it. Even after a daylong paintball game, I didn’t get bothered by this jersey. However, you must always make sure to select the right size for yourself. I’d suggest you go for one size up than what you think would be your size.

Moreover, the soft-formed padding ensures safety. With comfortable yet protective padding, my chest area, arms, back, and ribs were highly secure as I didn’t feel any hit on these areas which was incredible. Interestingly, this padding did not hinder my degree of freedom of movement on the field.


planet eclipse overload jersey gen2

  • Brand: Planet Eclipse
  • 4 Sizes
  • Black color
  • Breathable material
  • Soft foam Padding
  • Padded chest, arms, back & ribs

Overall, this Planet Eclipse Overload Jersy Gen2 provides both comfort and safety. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional paintballer, if you can find the right size, then this padded paintball shirt would protect you in the paintball field anyway.

4. HK Army Freeline – Cool Paintball Jersey

  • Extremely durable
  • Enhanced breathability
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect fit with stretch ribbed cuffs
  • No padding

If you are here looking for an amazing jersey that you can wear with your chest protectors and elbow pads, then this HK Army Freeline 2021 Jersy can prove to be the best choice for you. This is one of the latest jerseys that have been manufactured after a rigorous testing process and does not contain any padding.

This jersey is super lightweight and durable. Having this on, I have undergone the harshest of situations on the paintball field and it endured all the pressure and scratches but did not tear apart. This showed that if you use this properly, it can last with you for years.

The material used in the making of HK Army Freeline Jersy is a highly vented material which makes it super comfortable and easy to manage. This jersey would never hinder your movement while you find yourself in hard situations where you would need increased mobility. Moreover, the mesh zones of this jersey would ensure the entrance of an ample amount of air for keeping your body dry and cool.

There are stretchable cuffs incorporated in the design which help to keep the jersey in place while you are playing. Moreover, the material is relatively thicker and intense at the elbows which enables it last longer than other jerseys.


HK Army Freeline 2021 Jersey

  • Brand: HK Army
  • 6-sizes available
  • Comes in 5 different colors
  • V-neck collar
  • highly vented material
  • mesh zones for breathability
  • stretchable cuffs
  • thicker material at elbows

To sum up, if you need a reliable performing paintball jersey that covers you in the field without creating any hindrance in your movement then this HK Army Freeline 2021 Jersy is all that you need.

5. Planet Eclipse FANTM- Plain Paintball Jersey

  • Amazing quality
  • Stylish
  • Cool and lightweight
  • Optimal breathability
  • No extra padding

This is another Planet Eclipse product that is exclusively designed to meet the ever-increasing demand of having a comfy and lightweight jersey. Made of pure 100% Polyester, the Planet Eclipse FANTM Paintball Jersey has a very lightweight construction.

The jersey does not have any padding to ensure that you get maximum moveability. This also enhances the breathability factor of the jersey. Moreover, the ribbed cuffs ensure a comfortable fit of the jersey and resist displacement during the game.

The anti-snag material makes it easily manageable and the Internal micro-fiber lens cloth provides good safety to your body.

The most unique factor I found out is that the FANTM Jersey’s front flips up to reveal a sewn-in microfiber cloth for wiping the mask. This was amazing and helped me maintain myself during the game. Furthermore, the optimal heat regulation design made me stay cool and comfortable even in the hot weather.

Another amazing feature of this Planet Eclipse FANTM Paintball Jersey is that it can be easily washed in the washing machine with a few safety measures. This makes it super easy to maintain the jersey to last for longer years.


planet eclipse fantam paintball jersey

  • Brand: Planet Eclipse
  • 3 colors available
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Ribbed cuffs
  • 100% polyester material
  • V-shaped neck
  • Washable in a washing machine

Overall, if padding is not your priority, then this Planet Eclipse FANTM Paintball Jersey has all the features you would ever want to have in your best paintball jersey.

Now, we will move one step ahead and will cover the Paintball Chest Protectors.

Best Paintball Chest Protectors

At times, paintball can prove to be a very cruel game and if you are playing it without having a good chest protector then even your life can be at stake. Nature has made our body in such a way that the most critical organs like the heart, lungs, etc. are all placed nearby in the torso area. Hence, to protect all these and ultimately yourself, you need to have the best chest protector on, before stepping into the paintball arena.

As I mentioned earlier that if you are gonna play more often and wanna notch up then get a Chest Protector for yourself.

Paintball Chest Protector will not only give you a tight Military suit feeling but also it will ensure safety from the nasty blows on your chest.

Image Product Details   Price
hk army crash chest HK Army Crash Chest Protector Brand: HK Army
4-directional stretchable inner lining
Check Price
empire paintball bt chest Empire Paintball BT Chest Protector Brand: Empire Paintball
Thermoformed padding
Check Price
maddog sports pro Maddog Sports Pro Padded Chest Protector Brand: Maddog
Padding at the back, shoulders, upper arms, torso, and chest area
Check Price
empire paintball 2013 grind pro Empire Paintball 2013 Grind Pro THT Chest Protectors Brand: Empire Paintball
Cord loops wind around the arm sleeves
Check Price
jelly bro men padded Jellybro Men’s Padded Paintball Protective Gear Brand: Jellybro
Polyester and EVA blend
Check Price

Based on my research, you can choose one of the following Paintball Chest Protectors for your safety. And then you can walk the Paintball Arena with unparalleled confidence.

1. HK Army Crash – Paintball Chest Protector

  • Enhanced comfort
  • High durability
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Can be bulky for some.

Like other HK Army gear, this Crash Chest Protector is one of the most reliable products. This Chest Protector provides ultimate protection to your body along with comfort and ease.

The HK Army Crash Chest Protector has been designed to keep in view the ultimate comfort and strength you would need on the field. With intense and strong padding, you would hardly feel any hit on your chest. Furthermore, the custom HK trim ensures that this perfectly fits your body.

Despite having double-layered padding for increased protection, this chest protector is very breathable and lightweight. Moreover, the 4-directional stretchable inner lining helps to cool the body down as I have played an intense paintball game that too on a hot day, but I was not bothered by this chest protector on me.

The durable and lightweight materials that have been used in the manufacturing of this chest proctor have made it super comfortable and breathable. Moreover, you would not have to worry about your body movement as this would provide you with the maximum possible mobility.


hk army crash chest

  • Brand: HK Army
  • 4-Sizes available
  • Custom HK Trim
  • Dual-layered padding
  • 4-directional stretchable inner lining
  • Comfortable material

If you are not going to play paintball the first time, then you would not be bothered by the padding of this chest protector. With its intense padding, HK Army Crash Chest Protector gives you the perfect safety that you would need.

2. Empire Paintball BT – Chest Protector Paintball

  • Robust padding
  • Good ventilation
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Sizing may not be up to the mark

If you want foolproof protection of your body, then definitely Empire Paintball BT Chest Protector would protect you in every possible way while keeping it very comfortable. The padding is done at the right places giving you both ease and protection.

Padding is done with Thermoformed high-density material at the chest area, back, on the shoulders, and the outer arm area. With this perforated padding, you would hardly feel any hit on your chest.

Despite this heavy padding, I have found this chest protector very comfy and easily manageable. Moreover, stretch fabric is used at the under-arm and side areas which absorbed all the moisture and kept my body dry and at normal temperature.


empire paintball bt chest

  • Brand: Empire Paintball
  • Olive color
  • Small/Medium size
  • Padding at chest, shoulders, back & outer arm
  • Thermoformed padding
  • Stretch fabric at underarms and sides for ventilation

Overall, the Empire Paintball BT Chest Protector is a very durable product which not only protects you from hard hits but also lasts with you for years. The trick is to just select the right size

3.Maddog Sports Pro – Padded Chest Protector

  • Perfect padding placement
  • Great protection
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable option
  • Size may be bigger than standard

If you are in search of a chest protector which gives protection with comfort and style, then definitely you would like to know about Maddog Sports Pro Padded Chest Protector.

This chest protector looks like a normal shirt with a slightly bigger size. This is because of the padding that is done with the same black color that does not grab much attention. Moreover, it has robust padding at all desired places.

With this Sports Pro Padded Chest Protector, my back, shoulders, upper arms, torso, and chest area were completely covered with padding, and I could hardly feel anything over them. Moreover, there is no compromise on breathability and comfortability.

One tricky decision while choosing this chest protector is the size. You should always refer to the size chart before selecting one for yourself. However, you would find this a little bigger than you had expected. 


maddog sports pro

  • Brand: Maddog
  • Offer 4 sizes
  • Black color
  • Padding at the back, shoulders, upper arms, torso, and chest area

In general, if you are not very much into having a military look and all you want is a good chest protector for your safety, then Maddog Sports Pro Padded Chest Protector can be a good choice for you at this price.

4. Empire Paintball Grind Pro THT Chest Protectors

  • Comfortable
  • Reliable performance
  • Breathable and light
  • Straps to keep it in place
  • Professional players may not find this amazing.

This is another Empire’s product that has been manufactured keeping in view the protection and style you want. The Empire Paintball 2013 Grind Pro THT Chest Protector is among the best ones when it comes to resisting the hit.

The cord loops wind around the arm sleeves and keep the chest protector in its place. I have survived the hardest situations and have made extremely tricky movements wearing this but believe me or not, this chest protector retained its place. Moreover, there are side protections that loop around to give you more comfort.

When it comes to padding, the Empire Paintball 2013 Grind Pro THT Chest Protector has catered for it perfectly placing it exactly where needed. Moreover, it has pre-curved padding which enhances your mobility on the field.

The breathability factor is also taken care of, with heat vents on the front, it helps your body to maintain an ideal temperature even on hot days. Furthermore, the stretch mesh is incorporated in the design for enhanced ventilation and freedom of movement.


empire paintball 2013 grind pro

  • Brand: Empire Paintball
  • Larger/X-large size
  • Black color
  • cord loops wind around the arm sleeves
  • side protections
  • pre-curved padding
  • heat vents on the front
  • stretch-mesh for breathability

In short, this Empire Paintball 2013 Grind Pro THT Chest Protector would give enhanced protection with comfort and if you are a black lover like me then you would find this very stylish too.

5. Jellybro Men’s Padded Paintball Protective Gear

  • Lightweight
  • Thick pads
  • Quick-dry system
  • Breathable
  • Cannot be washed in a washing machine

The last product on the list is Jellybro Men’s Padded Paintball Protective Gear. This is an amazingly lightweight chest protector which uses very flexible material.

Along with the comfortability, this comes with good padding at the critical areas like the elbow, shoulder, chest, and sides. Moreover, the padding is done with a thicker material of about (10mm) which ensures the best safety for you.

The material used in the making of this chest protector is the emulsion of Polyester and EVA which makes this super comfortable and lightweight. Furthermore, I have found this one as a very breathable chest protector which kept me secure and allowed an ample amount of air to flow through my body.

However, since Jellybro contains sponge protective pads in the design so you can’t wash it in a washing machine. Otherwise, you would lose your product. Another thing You must take care of is the size you are ordering for. For this, do refer to the given size chart before placing your order.


jelly bro men padded

  • Brand: Jellybro
  • Small/Medium sizes
  • Black color
  • Polyester and EVA blend
  • 10mm thick padding
  • Sponge pads

If you want a sophisticated chest protector which is both comfortable and robust, then surely Jellybro has made this for someone like you. if you do not mind spending some extra time to wash this chest protector with your hands then you may go for it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Even if you have never played paintball in your life, you should know that paintball hurts. Paintball bullets may look all colorful and attractive but once you get hit by them, you would know how badly they harm. Every player gets cuts, bruises, scratches, and scrapes once they step in the field.

To ensure that you keep yourself as safe as possible, you would surely need protective gear. Paintball chest protectors, knee pads, elbow pads, jerseys, and vests are some of the gears you can put on to minimize the chances of getting injuries while playing.

Yes, professional paintball players do need chest protectors as professional players are always into intense paintball battles which means they need more protection. However, it’s not just the professional players who need the protectors. Everyone who enters the paintball arena needs to have chest protectors all to ensure their safety.

Does summer mean that paintball would not hurt? Definitely not.

Hence, you would need to wear all the protective girls in summers too. However, you can make sure that the gears you are buying for wearing in summer, must have an ample amount of ventilation available. This would make you feel comfortable while playing for long hours.

It is pretty obvious that protective gears cover most of your body which decreases the chances of the paintball hitting on your clothes. So, yes paintball protective gears would minimize the chances of getting your clothes dirty. However, paintball stains can be easily removed from your clothes even in one wash.

Final Words

Most of the time, paintball proves to be one of the nasty sports which force you to get dirty while crawling on the ground, running through mud, and sprinting and trekking through troublesome areas during rain. To go through such tricky situations like a pro, you need to have a fool-proof safety of your body first.

It’s all just fun and games until someone gets hurt. I expect that by now, you would have good knowledge about how important the paintball protective gears are.

As safety comes first, you must have excellent jersey and chest protectors on you while playing paintball.

I hope this article would have helped you taking the best possible decision.


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