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Whenever you jump into a Paintball game, you try to be on top of the game. Running around, full of energy, shouting at the top of your voice, calling out to your friends, saving yourself from fast-moving paintball pellets, this is the fun Paintball has to offer. Surely, you don’t want to waste this fun just because of the poor-quality paint selection. You deserve the Best Paintballs to have ultimate fun during the game.

Whether you are getting paintball rounds for speedball or a tournament; try buying the Best Paintballs which are the most accurate, high quality, good rather best paintball paint.

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10 Best Paintballs

No matter what kind of player you’re, we’ve got you covered with thorough research of paintball paints, and now it is extremely easy to select the best paintball paint for you that suits your need and playing style. 

Image Product Details   Price
Valken-infinity Valken Infinity Valken Infinity Paintballs
0.68 Caliber
Check Price
Valken-graffiti-0.68-Cal Valken Graffiti Graffiti Paintballs
0.68 Caliber
Check Price
Wearable4u-0.43-Cal 0.43 Caliber Rubber Balls Most Accurate Paintballs
0.43 Caliber
Check Price
Riot-Balls-0.68-Cal Riot Balls Good Paintballs
0.68 Caliber
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Umarex-T4E-Premium-0.43-Cal Umarex T4E Premium Best Paintballs
0.43 Caliber
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May-Vary-0.68-Cal May Vary Paintballs Best for Speedball
0.68 Caliber
Check Price
GI-Sportz-XBALL GI Sportz XBALL Best Paintball Rounds
0.68 Caliber
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Valken-Tango Valken Tango Best Cheap Paintballs
0.68 Caliber
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First-Strike-FSR First Strike FSR High-Quality Paintballs
0.68 Caliber
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First-Strike-Guerilla-0.68-Cal First Strike Guerilla Best Paintball Paint
0.68 Caliber
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Best Paintball Paints– Reviews

All of us want to seek comfort until the end of the paintball match. This is only possible if you have a top-performance paintball that assures reliability in the game. However, the fact that how good the paintball is going to work for me is dependent on your playing style that helps to reign in the field. 

1. Valken Infinity Paintballs

Valken Infinity Paintballs

The quality decides the reliability of the product; great players never compromise on the quality of paintballs. Therefore the top of the line, the most authentic and super-performing paintball paint, Valken Infinity.

This is our favorite paintball paint for money that has been of excellent quality in the past two years and still, it never stopped flowing without skipping its rhythm. It has a thick shell that hits the body part with a feeling like heck. It has the hardest quality of thick shell that makes it sturdy enough to carry for longer without breaking its surface. 

This excellent product is best for 0.68 calibers so you can imagine the dent you are offering to your opponents. Moreover, it is a good quality and professionally designed product that makes it fly straight toward the target. Furthermore, it is highly robust.

Valken Infinity has great consistency through the air that it fits both novice and professional players very well. It’s a high-end paintball paint for a low-end range, so anyone can afford it while compromising on nothing to maintain a good experience. 

Furthermore, this high-quality product material is a Gelatin capsule so do not expose it to moisture. Otherwise, you will be ending up with broken balls resulting in leakage. Just like many high-quality paints available in the market, they don’t glow in the dark despite offering bright and vivid colors. But this limitation is due to the ongoing rules in high-level leagues. So, you can easily work around this feature.

  • Bright Shiny Colours
  • Shoots straight and maintains balance
  • Excellent for Woodsball
  • Good for both Hot n Cold Weather
  • Easily washable
  • Brittle, Hard to break so can cause injury
  • Oily in the bag once you receive the package
  • Poor Packaging

Moreover, these are my personal favorites because they are Eco-friendly and Biodegradable. So, you can easily use them in Woodsball without a doubt of harming the natural habitat.

2. Valken Graffiti – Grafitti Paintballs

This is another enlisted paintball paint that is our best choice for woodsball or speedball. It has excellent accuracy and impressive making attributes that sets it as top-shelf paintballs. This high-quality paintball paint is the most widespread brand on the market among the markers due to its superior accuracy.

Valken grafiti paintballs

While testing it, we liked its amazing breaking ability that allows more reliable and accurate targeting in any match level. It boasts a design that performs best for home users and beginners for playing on a speedball and wooded fields.

It features the highest accuracy and can hit up to 50 feet before losing balance in the air. Once it hits the target, spreads out with a watery orange spot that looks so bright on any surface. While using this paint, we easily could pledge to users that it has a great freshness. Also, the thick shell is hard surface resistant and it doesn’t easily break even if you drop the paintball box accidentally. 

  • Weather Resistant
  • Follows straight path out of barrel
  • Easy to go both with hopper & magazine
  • Non-toxic & bio degradable
  • Little expensive
  • Too hard to break on impact

These are my favorites which I use for Scenario Paintball due to their bright, shiny, and vivid colors.

3. Wearable4U .43 Caliber Rubber Balls – Most Accurate Paintballs

After using .43 Caliber Rubber Balls, we can say that they have yellow colors which helped us to easily find those on the ground.

0.43 Caliber rubber balls

43 Caliber Rubber Balls are manufactured with durability, prevents jamming the gun, and also have a smooth round shape to hit the target with the most accurate target hitting.

Moreover, they come on a very cheap budget. However, they are not as good at flying through the air and also don’t leave a hard impact when hitting the target as other paints of the bigger caliber we’ve tested. Their budget-friendly attributes stand them out on the market with satisfactory results. 

In addition, you can easily wash them with water and reuse them as many times as you want, straight away. Moreover, these rubber balls hold up very well as we used them and they are soft enough to be resistant to breaking.

They are a perfect fit for 0.43 caliber so you can easily load them in your paintball pistol.

  • Re-usable
  • Oil free
  • Ideal for training
  • Hurt little more than a paintball

Overall, they are an easy option to load in any sort of paintball gun and their bright colors make them visible around.

4. Riot Balls 0.68 Cal – Good Paintballs

Would you like to take something easy to use and shoot to help in practice target rounds? Riot Balls are a less-lethal deterrent and constructed in a sturdy manner leaving back no chances to be disappointed with their quality and best for the money for any sort of player. 

Riot Balls 0.68 Cal

We like its impressive on-field performance with high durability construction. In essence, you need to be very careful while aiming at the hard surface as they will ricochet off in no time, and also make sure you are wearing eye protection.

Riot Balls are manufactured with high-quality hard plastic and also their hard and precise design of non-lethal .68 balls can protect and ward off an intruder. They can hurt the bare part of the skin and you would not want them hitting you in any case.

They are prepared with a uniform and smooth shape. Also, they are hard enough to resist shape deformation while stroking and squeezing. We were able to use them again and again without spotting breakage in the shape. 

  • Cost effective
  • Multi time usage
  • Doesn’t de-form easily
  • Velocity is higher so hurts little more

They are super fit for 0.68 calibers and also there is a very little chance of jamming inside your paintball hopper if you are ensuring their match with the gun caliber.

5. Umarex T4E Premium .43 Caliber – Best Paintballs

Umarex is a very popular paintball brand that works well under any circumstances. We have blind trust in its products due to vast years of experience in the paintball field, Umarex always keeps its promise by the top performance and high-quality constructive material. Particularly when we talk about high-quality material, we mean spending years in assessment. 

Umarex T4E Premium

During our testing phase, we like the durability and precise aim targeting of these paintball paints. We’re also happy to report that what makes them a must-have case for best woodsball and speedball is the hard-shell surface that never lets them break when falling on the ground accidentally. 

They are oil-based paintball paint. So, there is a chance that if any ball breaks inside the package, it will demand you extra time to wash and clean the rest of the balls.

The vibrant colors help in collecting them from the ground easily. Further, these dependable balls are easily breakable once making contact with the target.

  • Doesn’t break in chamber
  • Standard size for accuracy
  • No staining
  • Not easy to wipe-off so don’t use at home

They have a unique round shape that makes them approach the target with great speed and they can fit any type of paintball gun of 0.43 caliber.

6. May Vary Paintball Pellets .68 Caliber – Best For Speedball

It comes in a variety of colors to choose from but what we like the most is their affordable price with top-quality performance.

May Vary 0.68 Caliber

These high-grade paintball pellets, the quality, and performance can beat many high-end paintball paints and are best for speedball. However, they don’t come up as a good option for paintball experts. But the beginners always get them as the best paintball paint which also leverages in a slingshot.

They are made with rigid and sturdy plastic and the package may contain some broken balls. This can be challenging for you after you receive your order.

We like to say that they don’t break until hitting the desired target. Moreover, they are very cheap as compared to many other paintballs we’ve tested, so leaving a standard for newbies to sharpen their skill of paintball. 

Also, they have the ability to adjust the caliber perfectly even after hundreds of hits from a single gun. But remember they are too big for pistols so do not even try.

  • Eco friendly
  • Washable
  • Very oily
  • Not a premium quality product

Like many other paints, they are also very easy to clean, which means, washing the spot-on clothes once you get hit, keeps it simple and convenient for players. 

7. GI Sportz XBALL – Best Paintball Rounds

This is another impressive and best cool paint that is manufactured both for regular and occasional players. They are very reliable because they are manufactured by one of the best brands of paintball. We also like the design that depicts it as recreational yet having a high dependency as compared to many other paints we’ve tested.

GI Sportz XBall

Moreover, we remained too much dependent on them during our paintball matches and they worked as expected. No matter what type of marker you’re using, they won’t break easily.

We’re happy to use that these are very thick shells and the most robust paintball paint. They also boast blue shell colors with two shades and also aqua fill. 

Again, they offer a bigger caliber as these are designed primarily for big games. We’ve used them for various playing styles such as general play, scenario games while they are the perfect choice for tournaments at the national level. 

  • Easily washable
  • Does not break in the guns
  • Good price
  • Often broken on arrival
  • Poor quality of package

In essence, their versatility looks genuine, and therefore, we were able to use them for various paintball loaders.

8. Valken Tango – Best Cheap Paintballs

It is a rare occurrence that a quality product is also the one with great affordability, that is really what Valken Tango paint brings to the table.

Valken Tango

These paints from Valken have an impressive balance between performance and affordability. We always load our gun with these paints and I have never seen any breakage in my barrel. 

Moreover, I would recommend these paintballs for entry-level players only. We like them for their low-end budget option with great working and surprisingly high-quality plastic.

While testing, they withstand any condition of temperature due to their dense shell quality.  Also, the firing chamber is flawless and it doesn’t grab your attention to care a lot about its faltering system. However, it may cause an annoying blockage thereby the dissembling and cleaning may be required.

  • Water washable
  • Breaks on impact
  • Maintains direction even if the air pressure is lesser in the gun
  • Not bio-degradable
  • Not pleasent to the eyes as Colors are not very bright

Despite its best cheap price tag, it is suitable for both tournament and recreational use with comfort. 

9. First Strike FSR – High-Quality Paintballs

Looking to get something new in look and performance or Best Practice paints? First Strike FSR is one of the best choices on our list. It has put down many guys on the ground because its hitting intensity is increased due to its shape.

First Strike FSR

Like many other paints we’ve tested, these have a unique shape with an empty bottom and a front with a round shape that hits the target with great speed through the air.

We like the utmost quality of the shell which is thick enough to withstand striking against any tough substance. Also, they are very visible on the ground to re-collect and shoot back to your target quickly.

They are designed for a bigger caliber of 0.68 so it means that you have to use a big gun. They are a regular pick for the snipers as they can shoot up to 300 Ft without losing direction. Even after such a long-distance, they are still able to break on impact.  Furthermore, paint spread is even and more satisfying than the other paintball paints which are available in this price range.

  • Can resist high temperature
  • Bio degradable & Eco friendly
  • Improved range and high accuracy
  • Very hard
  • Chances of ricochet from a hard surface

10. First Strike Guerilla .68 Cal – Best Paintball Paint

This virgin gelatin paintball shell is the most brittle which impressively breaks on contact. We like using it during tournaments more often as compared to those rubbery recycled gelatin paintballs that always show bouncy behavior.

First Strike Guerrila

Guerilla paintballs are an excellent example of those paints that fly straighter and also break on target with bright but non-staining paint. This type of paint is the best buy that helps you to clean it easily without any oil formula however, it is very hard to wipe from your paintball pants

The latest 100% gelatin paintball technology is integrated into these paintballs that work with non-staining, colorless, and tasteless compounds. Moreover, it is a nearly odorless compound that can be easily dissolved in water.

  • No oil so very easy to clean
  • Bright color so easily noticeable
  • One time usage only
  • Not suitable for beginners

Buying Guide – Learn to choose the Best Paintballs

Learn to choose best paintballs

The paint in your paintball gun acts as fuel for your vehicle. You can never compromise on it. It has to be the best. You may be new to the game or maybe you have some knocks under your hood but still, you need a piece of expert advice on the selection of the best Paintball paint for your paintball gun.

We will discuss a few of the major factors which will enable you to choose the most suitable paint for your game. Once you go through them, you will be able to make a wise, safe, and economical decision for yourself.

1. Paintball Types

Before buying the Paintball paint, first, you have to decide what game you are playing.

Is it just for fun or do you want to compete at a professional-level tournament? Your playing style will be a governing factor in the selection of the best paintball paint for you.

a) Fun Paintball

If you are out there just having fun with your friends and family and paintball is not a regular hobby for you then you may choose economic balls and have a blast out there. Although, few balls will be broken inside a package and some will not follow a straight trajectory towards the target but who cares really. We are out there just to have fun.

b) Re-usable Paintballs

These are mostly used for training purposes. The biggest advantage which they offer is that they are not disposable like the others. After a game, you can again re-use them so they will be economic in your pocket. The only drawback is that they are a little hard on impact so you may face injuries

c) Tournament Paintballs

If you are a regular player then the selection of paint can’t be taken lightly. Buy the best paintball paint available in the market. It should be accurate, well-shaped, reliable, and bright color paintball paint.

These professional paintballs are good value for the money as they will follow the path as per your aim. Additionally, they will not break inside your gun. Moreover, they break only on impact with the target. These are made up of high-quality Gelatin capsules.

However, a small drawback to these paints is that shiny neon colors are not available in these products. This is not a manufacturing flaw. Rather, it is a limitation imposed for high-level professional games. But, I think that it hardly matters.

To have these in your equipment list, you need to spend extra but at least you are getting for what you are paying.

Paintballs bottle

2. Paintball Ammo Types

Before anything else, you need to choose the paintball paint which is most suitable as per your paintball gun. Right ammo will give you your desired results. If you are not using the best paintball paint recommended as per the caliber of your paintball gun, you will not be at par with your competitors.

Suppose, you are trying to use a 0.68 caliber paint in a paintball pistol, it will result in frequent jamming problems. Similarly, if you are trying a 0.43 caliber paintball in a shotgun, again it will misfire. So, think wisely and there should not be any mismatch between the caliber of your paint and a paintball marker.

How to check the compatabilty of Paintballs against Paintball Barrel??

Make the barrel stand in a vertical position and insert the ball, if it slides through it easily then the ball is too small for your barrel, choose a bigger one.

If the ball gets stuck inside the barrel, and it does not move despite you blowing the barrel with your full force then this ball is too big, choose a smaller one.

One common-sense thing, choose the paintball balls for your gun, not the other way around.

3. Paintball Caliber

In easy words, Caliber is the diameter of a ball. For your understanding, you can say that 0.43 caliber means 0.43 inches. Normally, you don’t need to go into such details. You just have to follow the manual of your hopper or gun. Feed according to the manual and you are good to go.

Still, for a handy reference, I have written the most common calibers used in the paintball.

0.43 Caliber is used for paintball pistol.

0.50 Caliber are used for beginners.

0.68 Caliber, things start to get serious now. Most common in use, little bigger in size, Hard impact, need a well pressurized back end for more range and lethality.

0.72 Caliber, not so common, used only by Pro-level players, they are heavy hence brutal on impact, used only in big guns.

4. Durability

One of the major factors in deciding the paintball paint is its durable design. Its outer shell needs to be strong enough to withstand the hammering of the pin inside the marker. But it should not be very hard as it needs to be broken once it hits the target. In this way, we can be sure that our opponent gets a decent amount of paint as soon as he is hit. Therefore, we can judge that we are right about money.

So, the shell needs to be a fine balance of hardness and softness. You can’t choose a very hard paintball paint pellet as it will result in paintball injuries and bruises during the game. Additionally, if it is too soft, it will break inside the barrel. Therefore, it will not only be gooey inside but also it will spoil your fun big time.

This durability of the paint will come at some price. If you want to buy good-quality durable paintballs, you will need to spend some extra bucks. Else, you will be stuck with the cheap paint available in the market.

5. Paint Quality

Paint Quality

Whenever you are getting the Paintball paint, try to get a good quality one. Average quality paintball balls will often come in poor packaging. As you receive the package, be ready to receive many broken balls inside the box. You may think that I can afford a couple of broken pieces, no big deal. But, what you do not understand is that once a ball breaks, it leaks all of its oil or any other soluble into the box. Thus, the rest of the paintball balls are all dirty, wet, and oily. Now, you will have to spend a couple of hours washing, clean and then drying them off.

Moreover, poor-quality paintball pellets will either break inside your gun or may jam your hopper. So, purchase wisely.

Additionally, buy a paint which is easily washable and doesn’t stain your clothes for good. The paint splatter should be bright enough to be easily visible.

Furthermore, to better manage the existing paint, you should store those in a dry room where the temperature is moderate. They should not be exposed to much heat and should not be in contact with moisture. As, sometimes good quality paintball balls come in a Gelatin capsule, just like the pharmaceutical capsule material so if you will expose them to moisture, they will deform.

To have a quality game, I will advise you not to purchase in bulk as handling and storage can be a problem sometimes. So, depending on the frequency of your game, buy fresh and have fun.

Paintball colors

6. Paintball Colors

At first glance, it may sound absurd that paint color is also a major factor while buying the paint. But take it from me, it really is. While playing Woodsball with a dull and murky background or in a normal paintball game with opponents in camouflage color dress, you need bright and shiny colors for easy marking. If you decide to choose dull and dark colors, they will merge with the background which you don’t want.

I personally prefer bright orange and yellow to give a loud and clear message to my opponents. Sometimes, I also go with flashy neon colors to be funkier.

7. Shape

Paintball Shape

Whenever you choose paintball paint, ensure that they are properly shaped. You don’t see any dimples or the balls are deformed else your whole effort will go to waste. A deformed ball will never shoot straight. Once out of the barrel, it will always change its direction and you will definitely miss the target. You will be ending up in a perfect game with a long face just because of the balls which are out of shape.

Choose good quality balls by reading detailed reviews before making the purchase

8. Paintballs Price

It is one of the main factors before making any purchase. You have to see the strength of your credit card before ordering the paintball paint.

You always want the best quality product but sometimes it is not vis-à-vis with your budget so you may have to compromise on the quality of the purchase

The Price Range for paintball paints may vary from 5$ to 50$ per box depending upon the quality of your paint.

If you are a beginner, you may settle for an economical product but you have to agree with the broken or leaking balls.

If you are notching up your level in the paintball and want to take it seriously then definitely spend some fortune and buy a good quality product

9. Maintenance

It is one of those factors which few players sometimes overlook and then they have to pay a hefty price in the longer run.

Maintenance is not directly related to the paintball paint but your paint will demand the regular maintenance of your equipment. After the game, make the habit of cleaning the gun as certainly there will be paint residuals inside the gun.  If you let them stay there, they will drop the efficiency of your machine drastically.

10. Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable Paint 🌎

Protecting the earth by using Biodegradable paintballs, Eco Friendly

As a responsible and loyal habitant of this beautiful planet, we owe it to Mother Nature that our actions never leave a bad impact behind us.

Therefore, I always prefer to buy Bio-degradable paints which are Eco-Friendly. As I feel my paintball readers are always very close to me, so I will advise you to practice the same. This is not any professional technique to enhance your game. Rather, it is my personal practice which you may like to continue as well.

Summary ( How to get the Best Paintballs)

If I summarize the whole paintballs buying guide for you then the crux of the matter is that you should buy only those products which have the following characteristics.

  • Well Shaped
  • Durable
  • Bright Shining Colors
  • Easy to break on impact
  • Hard to Wipe Off but easy to wash
  • Easy on your pocket
  • Eco-friendly & Biodegradable

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Paintballs are the main feature of your Paintball game. You have to choose the best paintballs but it will depend upon your playing style (Woodsball, Speedball, or Scenario), Frequency of playing, Budget, and Paintball Gun. Before buying any paint for yourself, if you match these features, you will be able to get the best paintballs. Else, a best-suited paintball for one person may not meet your requirement. So, I suggest you dig a little deep into the selection of paintballs.

Normally, Pro players will be selecting high-end paintballs for their game. Thus to get the best quality product for the professional level games. The tournament paintballs are well shaped, accurate, non-shining, and a bit expensive. Therefore, before buying the paintballs for any professional tournament, read in-depth about the salient features of the paintballs.

Any shot you receive on the bare skin will hurt you a lot. May it be a paintball pellet or a rubber ball, if you are not careful enough then it will sting. On a safer note, we can conclude that the higher the caliber, the higher is the chance for injury.

Final Thought

Selecting the best paintballs would never be a scary task after going through the in-depth reviews. No matter if you’re a beginner and having huge excitement for the first time of use, we’ve covered from beginners to experts after testing each product. In the current innovative era, different brands on the market are in a race of competition. They are striving to introduce the most advanced and best-upgraded features for users. Now, it has become very possible to the Best Paintball Paint with a little effort to put on research. 

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