How does a Paintball Gun work?

how does a Paintball gun work

For all those people who have been to a Paintball field, a question might have arisen in their minds how does a Paintball gun work? What happens when you press the trigger? On the face of it, you just see a speedy projectile rushing out of your barrel and hitting the enemy. But, what is … Read more

Paintball Games-Woodsball vs Speedball vs Scenario Paintball

Speedball Woodsball Scenario

Since its inception, Paintball is on popularity gaining spree over past years. With ever-growing popularity, there’s no surprise that the game has adapted to various versions. The most popular versions are Woodsball, Speedball, and Scenario Paintball. These three versions of Paintball share a lot of similarities. However, there are a couple of variations in rules … Read more

How much do professional paintball players make?

how much do professional paintball players make?

Paintball is one of the most popular and highly demanded games by many people. Be it, youngsters or adults. It’s a game that indulges one’s strength, power, and interest. But it’s not just the game that is fun, if you’re good at it you can actually become a professional player and earn good paintball salaries … Read more

Paintball Gun Anodizing-How to anodize a Paintball Gun?

Anodizing Paintball Gun

Anodizing your paintball markers is the best way to customize them. Although the process is not necessarily pocket-friendly, if you are a passionate Paintball Player like ourselves, we would recommend you to go for it! Anodizing, in Layman’s terms, is a process that converts metals, such as Aluminium into a decorative and durable anodic oxide … Read more

Does Paintball Hurt? If Yes then how much?

Does Paintball Hurt

When you are invited to play Paintball for the first time; The first question arising into your mind is “Does Paintball Hurt?” Your concern for the pain is genuine like any other normal person’s. And the answer to this question is very simple, YES. You have never experienced these hits firsthand. So, being a paintball … Read more

Paintball for Kids – Age Limit for Paintball

Paintball for kids

Paintball is a completely fun activity. When you see the adults playing Paintball with their friends and family, you notice that they behave just like kids. Here, I am not talking about competitive Paintball, I am just referring to the Paintball played for fun. Players laugh, jiggle around and enjoy the feeling of hitting and … Read more

What to Wear for Paintball? Paintball Clothing

What to wear for Paintball

Paintball is one of those sports which demand a lot of things from their players. Professionalism, athletic performance, stamina, etc. are requirements of any sport. But, if we talk about paintball specifically then it not only requires all these things. Mainly, Paintball demands its players to look cool while ensuring safety. If you are new … Read more

Paintball Tanks-How to fill a CO2 and HPA Tank

how to fill paintball tank

Let’s suppose that you’re at the paintball pitch and ready to downpour the domain along with your crew at your opponents, but the worst-case comes along in between the battle and your tank runs out of air. Now what? Patently, in order to step back in, you’ll have to refill your tank. But, most importantly … Read more