How to clean a Paintball Gun?

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Visualize yourself standing at the paintball arena, all ready to whack your opponent but whoosh, you find your gun jammed. Imagine that since the beginning of today’s game, your gun is giving you problems while playing. Neither it is functioning the way you want it nor it is responsive. Therefore, to avoid this situation, you … Read more

What is Paintball and How to Play it?

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Some newbies may ask What is Paintball and how to play it? Paintball is a sport in which, the players outmaneuver their opponents and eliminate them with paintballs. These paintballs are shot using paintball markers (or guns). The paintballs used in paintball games are biodegradable and can easily wash off from clothes. Rules of paintball … Read more

Does Paintball stain and ruin your clothes?

I have been a paintball player for quite a long. Therefore, I bet that you all must’ve wondered whether the paint used in paintball guns is washable or not? does paintball stain? And how can you wipe off the stains? Let’s suppose you’re in the arena and you get stung by multiple gunshots leaving a … Read more

Paintball History – Is Paintball a fun sport to play

Paintball History, Is it fun to play paintball and is paintball an olympic sport

Whenever the word “Sports” comes into our minds, we immediately visualize uniformly dresses individuals working together to achieve a common goal while having fun. After my lot of paintball experience, I can assure you that you achieve similar things in the paintball game. So, there is no harm at all by saying that Paintball is … Read more