Does Paintball stain and ruin your clothes?

I have been a paintball player for quite a long. Therefore, I bet that you all must’ve wondered whether the paint used in paintball guns is washable or not? does paintball stain? And how can you wipe off the stains?

Let’s suppose you’re in the arena and you get stung by multiple gunshots leaving a tint on your gear. Now, what are you going to do? The first thing clicking your mind would be to wash it out, but how? And will the clothes still be usable after the wash?

Now being a paintball player myself, I have quite an acquaintance with this situation. Therefore, I can guide you clearly on how to get over the dilemma.

Now speaking of that, Let me guide you through this. First, we will see that what are Paintballs made up of? Paintballs are spherical capsules that embody gelatine polyurethane local, water-soluble substances and dyes. These are not paintballs rather I would like to call them Fake paintballs. As they don’t have real paint in them. Real paint tends to stick to your clothes and is difficult to clean. However, the mixture used in these paintballs ultimately wash off.

You must have observed the paint used in paintball guns may be different. This is because some might use oil-based paint and some use water-based paints.

Oil-based paints are more pigmented in comparison to water-based paints. Therefore, they leave a darker stain, but they dry quickly thus are easily washable.

Water-based paints on the other hand do not cause many problems. They are easily washable since they don’t absorb deep into the fabric.

So let’s go…

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Does paintball stain your clothes?

No, paintballs commonly don’t leave permanent stains on clothes, houses, and cars. They are made of environmentally friendly products, hypoallergenic and biodegradable that prevent them from leaving any stains. However, if by any chance the stain becomes solid then there’s nothing to be worried about. This guide will help you through.

Can some Paintballs stain more than the others?

Different types of Paintballs

The answer to this question is Yes. As we discussed earlier that Oil-Based paintballs stain more than water-based paintballs. Similarly, there are a few more factors that will define the staining power of the paintballs

  • Paintball Color
  • Paintballs Quality
  • Age of Paintballs

Paintball Color

Some paintball colors are more prone to stain and hard to remove than others. For example, red color paintball will stain more on a lighter fabric as compared to yellow ones.

Low Quality Paintballs

Paintballs Quality

If the paintballs are high-end, chances are that they will stain lesser. However, if your opponent is using low-quality paintballs, the probability of getting hard stains is more for you. This is because the mixture used in the low-end paintballs does not get soluble in the water easily.

Paintballs Age

Paintballs are good to use from 04 months to almost a year depending upon the quality of paintballs. Moreover, storage technique and place will also affect the quality of paintballs. However, a low-quality paintball stored poorly and used after some time will stain your clothes easily.

Does Paintball come out of the clothes?

paintball stains on clothes

Does paintball paint come out of the clothes? Talking of clothes firstly, as I mentioned above, it depends upon the type of paint you use on your firearms. If you are using oil-based paint, then there is quite a higher chance of getting a stain that may require more work to get out. On the other hand, if you use water-based paints they are much easier to wash and won’t leave a smudge.

  • Speaking from my suffering, if you wash your outfit soon after the game then getting the stain off will be much easier. However, if the paint has wax then it will make it difficult to wash them. What you can do is that soak them in warm water for some time. Then, the wax loosens and it will be washed easily. This technique is called Pre-Treat and is a very effective and tested one.
  • Once washing the dirty clothes in the washing machine, Do not mix paintball clothes with light color fabrics. There is a chance that it may stain them instead.
  • No softeners in the washing machine.
  • Once washed and you are satisfied with the cleanliness, do not use the Dryer. Just put them under the sunlight or in the open area so that they may dry at their own.

Does Paintball paint wash out of shoes?

Paintball will stain shoes as well but the effect is not as much. Just wash them with a water hose and you are good to go. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to wear light-colored shoes for the paintball game. Otherwise, you will have to spend some extra time cleaning your shoes.

Does Paintball stain cars and houses?

Secondly, concerning house and car stains, they are washable but they require some effort to get it out.

If you get any paint shots on your car the best way to wash it out is the same as you would normally wash your car, use warm water, a sponge, and some car wash soap, rinse the car, and after you’re done scrubbing it pat it dry with a cloth or towel. This will help to wash the paint off but still if there are any stains left then use a bug and tar remover to get the remaining paint off. What you want to do is apply the big & tar remover on the stain and let it sit there for almost a minute and once the time is up wipe the paint off using a microfiber cloth and then the paint should be gone.

Moreover, if somehow you get paint on your house, washing it is easy, all you will need is a garden hose, spray it onto the affected area and the paint should come off, but if it isn’t then grab some dishwashing soap or detergent and scrub the area until you get it off. Now in case, the paint has been left on there for a while then you may have to use a sponge and hydroperoxide, let the song absorb it, and then be with the scrubbing, once again use the water hose to get sponge paint and hydroperoxide off.

Always clean your Paintball Equipment after the game?

Paintball Stains on mask

A Pro-tip to come in handy, Always try to clean your gun, barrel, and mask after every game as it helps it to remain in good condition. I always advise cleaning the marker separately as it removes all the first and extra paint inside of the nooks. After cleaning the gun try running through some dish soap and warm water to clean all the leftover dirt and paint and then rinse it well so that the soap comes out and then pat it dry faultlessly without leaving any wet spot.

Dressing after the Paintball finishes?

From my personal experience, I would suggest that you should bring an extra pair of outfits to the paintball field. So that, you can change into clean clothes after the game as you wouldn’t want to back home in paint dripping clothes, and for the game, it’s better that you bring an old outfit for which you don’t feel bad if it gets stained.

Final Verdict

Building up an embodiment procedure let’s see if “paintball is washable or not”

From the above discussion, we can see for ourselves that paintball is not harmful as it is easily washable. Even the hard stains can be washed off if they are pre-treated. So don’t worry about your clothes and go enjoy the game to its fullest.

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