How much do professional paintball players make?

Paintball is one of the most popular and highly demanded games by many people. Be it, youngsters or adults. It’s a game that indulges one’s strength, power, and interest. But it’s not just the game that is fun, if you’re good at it you can actually become a professional player and earn good paintball salaries through this sport.

I’ve been in this paintball industry for a while now and can surely tell you that the paintball salaries do not disappoint. And who doesn’t like it when they’re getting paid for what they like, especially earning when playing with the fancy Paintball Guns.

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What is paintball?

Paintball is a game/ sport that involves players playing in teams or individually to eliminate their competitors by shooting with balls known as paintballs or some call paint bombs. These balls contain non-harmful liquid substances, gelatin, and dye. So that when they target and shoot at their opponents they explode and mark that the person has been tagged. These bombs are shot towards the target through a paintball marker/ gun.

Salaries of paintball players

The average paintball salary received is $37,500 USD annually. More specifically, the average income of the top 20 players is around $44,000 USD. The salary of players completely depends on their status and ranks. The top 10 players earn an average amount of $60,000 USD. These players are not young college students in their teens making six figures. Make no mistake, these are professional athletes.

And pro paintballers can even earn more than this, they can make up to $100,000 USD per year or even more than this. It completely depends upon how good they play, how much time they give to the game, and how much effort they put in each game every year. One of the sources of income for these players is also sponsorships.

Top 5 paintball venues

Paintball venues

Some assume paintball fields to be huge mud floors with obstacles, odd trees, and tires. How wrong they are to think of it this way. If it was this easy anyone could have bought a piece of land and claimed it as a paintball field. But that’s not that easy because here we are going to list the top five of the most renowned paintball fields and venues made for paintball by paintballers. We would highly recommend you guys to visit these venues whenever you got a chance to do so.

1. Skirmish USA

Skirmish has been home to the biggest games such as the “invasion of Normandy”.  This place is at 700 acres with 50 playing fields that include forts, helicopters, castles, tanks, and plenty of wood.

2. Hollywood Sports California

This place is worth a visit as it quite literally has everything that you can ever imagine. It is also known as “the greatest park on earth” at 28 acres with 2-story buildings. This is one of the most themed parks.

3. CPX Chicago

CPX has hosted has some of the best paintball events in the universe such as the living golden idol and the town of bedlam. These were the most exhilarating fields ever created. The field is on 143 acres and the best scenarios.

4. Hot Shots Paintball Australia

Hotshots claimed that they have elaborate theme structures and real-looking props with amazing effects.

5. Asylum Paintball New Zealand

This place is one of the most haunted in New Zealand, as it was a hospital in the past. It is now home to “the killing house”, “lockdown ward” and “tire mania”.

Greatest Paintball Players

Best paintball players

1. Ryan Greenspan
2. Oliver Lang
3. Chris Lasoya
4. Konstantin Fedorov
5. Alex Goldman
6. Todd Adamson
7. Mishka Kniazev
8. Angel Fragoza
9. Marty Bush
10. Archie Montemayor
11. Bob Long
12. Alex Fraige
13. Jon Richardson
14. Shane Pestana
15. Yosh Rau
16. Frank Connell
17. Ryan Moorhead
18. Fred Schultz
19. Alexander Berdnikov

NXL Pro-Paintball List

Pro Paintball
  1. Los Angeles Ironmen                               
  2. Moscow Red Legion                                
  3. Edmonton Impact                                    
  4. Baltimore Revo                                       
  5. San Diego Dynasty                               
  6. Tampa Bay Damage
  7. AC Dallas
  8. San Antonio X-Factor
  9. Houston Heat
  10. New York Xtreme


By reading through we can clearly understand that paintball can be considered a real career if you commit yourself to it. And there are many paintball players who are earning six-figure paintball salaries like Oliver Lang. thus you can do it too and compete with these professionals with time and experience.

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