How to make a paintball gun more accurate? Paintball Gun Accuracy

How frustrating and infuriating it is when you’re unable to shoot a straight shot at your enemy, or it takes a good amount of paintballs when you finally get one straight at the game. Paintball is an amazingly fun activity to engage in. But what makes it more fun is when you can shoot straight at your opponent with fewer paintballs employed.

Many players think that the game is all about unpacking as many shots and heavy firing. But the truth stays behind, as it is NOT. To be competitive in paintball, it is vital to have precision in your shots, and accuracy comes with practice.

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How to improve Paintball Gun Accuracy?

Imagine you’re at the paintball arena, fully packed to downpour at your foe, but unluckily you could not play as you’ve imagined by missing some good odds and you run out of paintballs, now what? Obviously,  You would think of a strategy to overcome this problem, but how? So being a frequent paintball player myself, I have gathered some great tips that I use myself when I’m playing and thought of sharing them with you too so that you can easily target your opponent and never miss a chance of shooting players ride on…

1. Select an HPA Tank

HPA Tank

The thermodynamic properties of a high-pressure air tank make it a more consistent and reliable pressure source. one of the easiest ways of increasing accuracy is to shift to HPA tanks from CO2 air tanks. Keep in mind before transitioning to HPA tanks always make sure that your marker can easily run on the high-pressure air tank. Now we can jump to the reasons for making this transition.

The only reason for recommending HPA tanks is that the temperature of CO2 in tanks is not persistent, therefore the pressure may vary from the first shot to the last shot of the game. Thus, when the pressure bounces so does the accuracy. So do yourself a favor and install HPA tanks.

2. Keep your Barrel clean

Keep Paintball Barrel clean for accuracy

Most paintball guns come out with a barrel. So to check for the quality of the barrel you can check its honing to see if it’s rough or smooth. If the inside is smooth then it’s a high-quality barrel, but if the inside is rough and full of metal sprinters then you should look for a new barrel as this will affect the accuracy of the gun.

3. Upgrade your Barrel

Paintball Barrel length & quality will improve the accuracy

As most players have laid that the length of the barrel is an important factor to note for the accuracy of the gun, but it’s not. If your marker is not clean and in good condition then this can also be a reason affecting the accuracy of the gun.

There are two factors on which we think that it is time for an upgrade:

  1. Length of barrel
  2. The Quality of construction

The size of the barrel plays a small yet important role in the accuracy of the gun. We prefer a 14-inch barrel, but anything between 12 to 16 inches provides good performance.  Now the length is not only an important factor but the construction of the gun also plays a vital role in its consistency because many 12-inched guns perform far more adequately than the 14 and 116-inches.

4. Keep your Marker clean

Keep Paintball Marker clean

Many players come in whining about the accuracy of their marker due to which they weren’t able to play the game as they wished, especially the newbies or young kids. To them, we have a question when was the last time you thoroughly cleaned the marker? By cleaning we don’t only mean running a squeegee through it but inspecting every part inside the marker. The eyes, detents, barrel, body, bolt and hammer, and the raceway inside of the motor all NEED cleansing. Otherwise, you can only wish for good accuracy.

5. Don’t over-lubricate

Paintball Gun Lubrication

The fifth most important factor in ensuring good consistency is to lube the marker for better performance and maintenance. This part might take a while and practice to figure out if it is affecting your gun.

You surely should lubricate the gun but don’t overdo it as it can go to places where it shouldn’t have, such as the barrel because the accuracy of the shots will be volatile. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to tell, if you have too much amount of lube, as you can only learn that through trial and error. But if you see lube making its way to the marker, then it’s time to step back and hold up from lining any part.

6. Use High-Quality Paintballs

High Quality Paintballs to imrove the Paintball gun accuracy

Do you inspect the paint before the game? As you should. We get that it is a time-consuming process, but you should so as not every paintball is flawless. You may ignore or might not realize that small imperfections can cause problems for you at the game. This can impact the way the paintball flies in the air. Paintballs with dimples and flat spots have a different velocity than those with a perfectly rounded shape.

We usually do take out the faulty paint but if somehow there are still some of those then takes a quick 10 to 15 minutes to check for yourself for a better game. Either way, you would have to check the paintballs because if you get any paint with divots and if it breaks inside the gun, it can ruin your barrel as well as your game.

Few minor tips to improve Paintball Gun Accuracy

  • Use a clean squeegee when cleaning
  • Inspect the regulator as well
  • Keep the hopper clean
  • Keep your paintball gear clean

Final Words for Paintball Gun Accuracy

From the above discussion, we can conclude that inspection is the most important part to ensure the accuracy of the gun. Don’t always use the gun straight away after coming out of the box, but give some time to read the manual so that you get more clarification on every part of the gun.

Not only that but also try following every tip mentioned above for further consistency in your game.

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