Paintball Bruises and Injuries 😢 – Is Paintball Dangerous?

Paintball has gained enormous popularity over the decades. You notice a large number of folks engrossed in this fun activity.

Despite being one of the most highly demanded and admired sports, the critics of this game have a different point of view. They claim that Paintball has a peculiarly higher risk of some serious injuries. Well, the National Injury Information Clearing House would like to disagree with them. Why? We will see in a while.

During the game of Paintball, there is a likely chance to experience bruises, Injuries, welts, and scars on the field. Does this mean that Paintball is dangerous? Or is it safe to play Paintball? We will share our deep knowledge for your ease.

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Is Paintball a Dangerous sport to play?

Being a regular paintball player for a long time, I have experienced a good amount of paintball hits. But, none of those was a serious issue. For self-defense, again I would like to quote the National Injury Information Clearing House. As per research conducted by them, they claim that Paintball has a lesser number of serious injuries as compared to Running or for that matter, any other popular sport.

The number of injuries per 100000 players per year in the USA, credit: Research Gate
The number of injuries per 100000 players per year in the USA credit: Research Gate

So, when we compare this research-based data then we see that number of injuries caused to players is way lesser than other popular games in the same category. For all those, who feel difficult to comprehend these difficult graphs, I have a pictorial depiction as well. Therefore, you will have an easy idea that how safe you are while playing Paintball. Simply, it’s 2 paintball injuries vs 8 Football injuries per 100000 players.

Comparison of Paintball injuries vs Football or Skiing injuries

Is Paintball an Adventure Sport?

Based on well-researched data, we can conclude that Paintball is not at all an extreme sport. There are no chances of death while playing paintball. Therefore, we rule out the chances of including paintball in the Extreme sports category. On the contrary, Paintball is in the category of Adventure Sports. Whether it is a Hard Adventure or a Soft Adventure, we can not say with certainty.

If players play Paintball by following all the rules as it is supposed to be then it is a very safe sport activity. There are no chances of injuries to players. However, if players do not abide by the regulations of Paintball then the chances of injuries multiply. Therefore, while playing paintball, players have to abide by all the rules and safety measures.

Paintball Bruises, Injuries, and Welts – How to avoid?

Paintball Bruises, Injuries, and Welts

Paintball can easily transform into a pain ball for you if you don’t follow the Dos and Don’ts of this game. You can receive Welts, Bruises, or in the worst scenario the injuries like scars and cuts. These will occur only if you expose your body to your opponents. So, I have a small checklist for you.

  1. Never remove your Paintball Mask during the game.
  2. Keep your head covered.
  3. Wear Gloves.
  4. None of your body parts should be exposed so wear only those clothes that cover your complete body.
  5. Wear Paintball Vest.
  6. Wear proper shoes. Hiking or Sports Shoes is a preferred option. However, normal trainers can also do the trick.
Areas prone to injuries during Paintball

At all costs, protect your soft body parts like above the neck area (Face, Ears, Eyes & Head included). This is the basic rule in the Bible of Paintball. If you mess with it, you will be judged before Judgment Day, right there in the middle of the field.

Then, you have to keep the focus on your Middle body (Trunk & Arms). For this, you need to wear Paintball Vest or Chest Protector. Furthermore, you need to have Arm pads and Gloves to save your upper limbs from any hit.

Additionally, there are other minor injuries that the player might face when trying to flee from the attacker. This factor is ruled out by many players and they end up getting injured in the arena. Try wearing Kneepads while playing to avoid bruises if you fall down. Twisted ankles, blown-out knees, and concussions from colliding with hard objects or other players are the most common. So keep your wits under control.

Don’t run without clearing your surroundings.

A major chunk of injuries while playing paintball come from Overexertion and players totally neglect it. They never consider this factor till the time they fall victim to it. Moreover, this is most common in players between the ages of 18-24 years. This can become the reason for falling down on the field or dehydration after the game. You are the best judge for yourself. If you do not feel up to it then call it a day. Better safe than sorry.

Another good tip is to know pre-hand. Even if it is your first game, you should know the paintball rules. So, doing the right research will pay off. Select the most suitable masks, Guns, Paintball pants, and Gloves for yourself. Talk with somebody experienced or read some informative articles. This will prepare you thoroughly for your game and you will give a confident first appearance. As you know that they always say, the First impression is the last one. 

Is Paintball Dangerous?

During the game, if your opponent shoots you with the paintballs at a closer range without your protective gear then you need to worry. You will get hurt. But, if you dress up properly and get ready then it may feel just like a little sting. You should be able to bear that pain easily.

How to know that, Is Paintball Safe for you?

To limit the pain, wear more layers of thin clothing but, not too many layers. This game will require a lot of exertion. So, after a while, you will feel sweaty and warmed up. If you feel hot during the game you can always take the upper layers off. This is a preferred option because it can protect the open flesh from shots.

You can wear gloves, loose clothes, and tracksuits to keep every part of your body protected. Baggy clothes will absorb much of the hit and you will feel less pain once hit. 

Another most important way of protection is by having the right helmet/mask when playing the game. This is because good quality and strong masks will ensure your safety. As per one of the research conducted almost more than a decade ago, the number of facial injuries in Canadian players was very less as compared to US players. This shows the discipline of Canadian players and the rule of law that is ensured by Paintball fields. So, I again emphasize that never ever play without the mask/goggles. This is the least you have to ensure for your safety.

Here, I want but I can’t tell you the medical treatment after the injury as it is a purely professional job and I am not qualified for it. But, you should read a bit about how to treat paintball bruises and welts.

Final Verdict

We can conclude that if you play it safe then the chances of injuries are minimum in paintball. By playing it safe; I mean that before stepping into the arena, always look up the rules and regulations of the game. Just don’t see them but also implement them on the battlefield. This will surely reduce your chance of getting hurt.

But if by any chance you do get hurt from either a very close distance or on any open body part, the best decision would be to step out and rest.

Paintball is a completely safe game if the rules are abided by. 

Hence, try following them in the arena and for sure you’ll be safe and would enjoy the game to its maximum.

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