Paintball for Kids – Age Limit for Paintball

Paintball is a completely fun activity. When you see the adults playing Paintball with their friends and family, you notice that they behave just like kids. Here, I am not talking about competitive Paintball, I am just referring to the Paintball played for fun. Players laugh, jiggle around and enjoy the feeling of hitting and being hit. But some people are concerned about the impact force of Paintballs and they are right. Let me assure you that paintball is a safe sport if you follow the regulations and wear protective equipment.

You might have seen young kids dressed in flashing clothes holding the awesome paintball guns and jumping around in the Paintball fields. It is natural to have thoughts like Is Paintball allowed for kids? or What are the Paintball age requirements? or What is the Paintball age limit?

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Age Limit for Paintball

age limit for paintball

For a person to play paintball depends upon where they live. As countries have their own set of rules and regulations on when a person is eligible for playing paintball. In some countries, you have to be at least or above 18 to be able to enroll in this sport. Whereas some countries allow you to play from the age of 10-12. Mostly, insurance companies determine this fact.

Paintball is an amazingly fun activity for everyone to involve themselves in. I, myself started my paintball journey from the age of 11 and play it till today.

Paintball Age

The Minimum Age Limit for Paintball varies country-wise. Moreover, it varies state-wise as well. So, there is rough data for a few of the countries.

  • Paintball Age Limit USA            12-14 years old
  • UAE Paintball Age Limit            10 and above
  • Paintball Age Limit CANADA   12-14 years old
  • Paintball Age Limit UK               15 and above, but venues do take children starting from 11 years old.
  • Australia Paintball Age Limit 12 years old

Generally, it is safe for children between the ages of 12-14 to start playing paintball. as they can understand and abide by the safety rules. Furthermore, they need Parental discretion, thus they should be able to sign documents for their children below the age of 18.

How old do you have to be to play Paintball?

You may want to visit the paintball facility and talk to its owner before starting paintball to be sure of some important facts. Such as the paintball age requirements and paintball age restrictions. Because the paintball age limit varies from country to country and state to state. Moreover, it’s not just the age that is important, it is the maturity level of a player because if you’re starting at a young age you need to understand the rules and safety tips to avoid any damage.

Paintball for Kids-Parent’s Guide

Minimum age for paintball

If you’re holding your child back because of the reason that paintball hurts, then you’re missing out on some amazing and enjoyable moments of your life. As people express about paintball being a dangerous game or if it hurts bad, it is NOT. It does not hurt as you expect it to. You might feel a little sting in your body when hit, but that’s only momentarily as the tingle fades away. And the worst that you can get hurt from a paintball is a wound that appears on your body, and that is only when you’re too close to your opponent.

Second of all, teach your child never to take the mask off during the game. And by never, I mean NEVER. Because if you do, it can result in some serious injuries, and then they may ban you for good as well. So, play it safe.

Fire when you see your target and are confident that you’ll get them. Also, be prepared for the shots coming your way because the sound of your gun makes it easier for your enemy to track you.

Moreover, you should be asking them what kind of Paintball gun are they letting the kids use? Normally, Paintball fields use special paintball guns for the kids where they reduce the pressure of those markers. This is an added safety feature so that kids don’t get hurt. If you are not bringing the personal Paintball mask for your kid then you should definitely check the size of their Paintball mask for your kid. It should be as per his head and face fitting. Else, you will be putting your kids in harm’s way.

Safety is the key

Wearing a mask when paintballing is not only the key part of safety. You have to teach them to be well prepared with all the proper gear, goggles, and equipment to keep themselves safe.

Minimum Age for Paintball

The best age to start paintballing is over 12 years old, as that’s when children have a sense of understanding. But if a child wants to go for playing the game, then they’ll need to bring a parent or guardian with them. And when you come to play, you’ll need to show your parent or guardian your id. That is usually a pop with a photo of you on the display tag. Furthermore, using a smartphone or that same PSP register yourself as you will be given guns for the game.

Final Words

As discussed above every country has different age requirements on when you can start your paintball adventure. It is better if you start it when you’re mature enough to understand the rules.

Play it safe and it’s a fun activity to start in your life.

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