Scholarships Program: Sportifies 2022-2023

Having faith in the Educational fabric of our society, We at Sportifies truly believe that the only way to prosper as a nation is by educating young minds. We are aware that many talented students do not get the chance of completing their studies due to Financial Restraints. One solution to this problem can be offering Scholarships to young students.

In our love of paying back to society, we have decided that we will offer Scholarships worth 2000$ per annum to hardworking and deserving students. We will make a deliberate effort so that young talented students can continue with their studies.

Scolarships program for Sportifies

Scholarships Amount

Under the program offered by Sportifies, the selected student will be able to avail 2000$ per year to meet the studies expenses.

Eligibality Criteria

In order to apply for the offered scholarship program, students must be meeting the criteria listed below

  • Current student of a College or a University or Planning to attend a college
  • Must be having a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • If under 18, must have a permission from Parents / Legal Guardian
  • Must mention name, e-mail and name of institution once filing the application

To apply for the scholarship program, you just need to follow some easy steps mentioned later. Once we receive all the applications, we will select one student who will avail of this scholarship.

How to apply for Scholarships

how to apply for scholarship
  • Write an essay on the topic, “Reasons for decline in the trend towrads playing Paintball”. Your must contain minimum 2000 words and it must follow the analytic approach. Be sure that your hypothesis may help us at Sportifies to regain the interest of people towards this excellent activity.
  • The essay should be purely your own thoughts and research.
  • Plagerism of any level will not be tolerated. Such applications will be immediately rejected without consideration.
  • We can use this essay for our Research process, printing on our website or submitting at anyother level as a Sportifies copyright product. The student will not claim its rights.
  • You must submit your essay in both MS Word and PDF Format via e-mail on [email protected]
  • You must mention your name, University or College name, e-mail adress, stand-by e-mail adress and phone number.
  • We do not ask for any other information except mentioned above. In no case, you should give any extra information to anybody.
  • Last date for submission is 30th July, 2022.
  • We will not entertain any application after the deadline.

Sample Articles

If you want to get an idea that what do we expect from our writers then go through these articles. You will get a fair idea.

Selection Process

After we receive the applications, our Board members will scrutinize each application and essay. We will select on the basis of ingenuity, creativity, and a well-organized thought process. The selected student will be notified via e-mail. For all those not selected, no mail will be sent to them.

Results will be announced on 31st October 2022.

Result for scholarship announcement

Privacy Policy

We will contact the selected student via our official e-mail only. Disregard any other mail or call if you receive any. We do not ask for any private information from any student. All the information taken is used for internal review only. We do not ask our students to pay any kind of amount before or after the submission of the article. Moreover, we ensure that the information is not provided to third parties at any cost.